Reasons to Go Makeup Free

For years now we’ve heard a lot of men say that they prefer a woman that is all natural or makeup free. This created a negative impression on us. It suddenly becomes an issue, women that wore makeup and women who don’t. If a woman wears makeup a common comment would be that they look better without makeup or they probably look way different without it. If someone prefers not to wear makeup, a common comment would be that a little color will make them look better or it makes your more feminine. In either points, none of us wins. Not unless we disregard everybody’s opinion and not care what other people think.

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A lot of us love wearing makeup. Not to please anybody, but to make us feel better or confident. It gives us the opportunity to add some creativity to our look. There are now a lot of makeup positive blogs and makeup video tutorials. There aren’t a lot of makeup free positive ones, disregarding the ones that compare makeup free faces to full made up ones. Going makeup free isn’t a bad thing. It can even be liberating to some. We’ve asked women that choose not to wear makeup on their opinions on why we should try to go makeup free from time to time and here is what they had to say.

Rest Day

One of the biggest reasons to go makeup free is that it gives your skin its much needed rest day. Sleeping without makeup is not enough for your skin to fully rest. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body. It requires maintenance and rest. Your skin needs time to breathe and be away from any type of skin products or makeup. Going make up free for at least a few days will allow your skin to rest and regain nutrients and moisture. Makeup can limit the effects of your skin care products. So, going makeup free can help the skin absorb more of it, increasing its effect on skin. Of course, going makeup free doesn’t equal completely bare skin. It is still important to wear sunscreen.

Money Saving

Dedicating at least one make up free week can save you a lot of money. Makeup is incredibly expensive. It is also prone to drying out, going bad and breaking. Using it every day can make it more susceptible to breaking and spoiling. Sacrificing at least a week can make your makeup last longer and allows you to buy less products. This also gives you the chance to see which of your makeup you actually use and have time to clean up your makeup, makeup containers and pouches. Disinfecting them and putting them in a sanitize container can help make them last longer too.

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All Natural Beauty

Going makeup free gives the world a chance to see your natural beauty. Makeup can make us feel great or be more confident, but nothing feels as freeing as going out with your natural beauty. It is a common thought to see ourselves and others unattractive when we are not wearing makeup. This is because we have grown accustomed to seeing women wear makeup or at least pretend to not wear any. This causes us to look at the negative aspects of the face when it is bare. Unlike when we wear makeup that accentuates our best features. Makeup reduces the appearances of the features that we hate most. So, not wearing any creates a big target sign on our face. In truth, your appearance without makeup isn’t as bad as your mind is telling you. If you start learning to look in the mirror and notice your best features first. You’ll see that your bare face is incredibly attractive and something to be proud of.


We are in a time where makeup is also marketed to impressionable children. We see makeup that is promoted as toys for children to try on. Seeing other people around them wearing makeup all the time, makes them believe that this is the norm. It is okay for children to learn about makeup, but learning about it early on and learning about correcting flaws can imbed negative self-image in them. Not wearing makeup confidently around children allows them to see that not everyone wears makeup or its okay for them not to like it.  It is important for children to understand that makeup is not an essential part of who they are.

Going makeup free has somewhat become a fear of some women. They would rather stay at home than leave the house without any makeup on. Some won’t even show their bare faces to their partner. This shouldn’t be the case. Going makeup free from time to time would be a positive step to self-acceptance. We are not telling you to stop wearing it or it’s bad for you. It’s the emotional attachment that is hurting us. Makeup doesn’t equal beautiful. You are beautiful and your makeup is only there to accentuate it. Do you agree? Let us know about it!

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