Reasons to Love Lavender Tea

The blossoms of that lavender plant in your garden may actually be dried and steeped in a cup of boiling water for several minutes to yield a serving of a highly fragrant beverage. Aside from pleasing your senses, lavender tea also allows you to enjoy numerous benefits — thanks to the impressive amounts of plant-based oils in it that provide all sorts of favorable effects to both your body and mind.

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Worry not if you don’t have lavender planted in your garden. That’s because you can easily purchase lavender tea bags at your local health food store. Without the need to dry lavender blossoms under the sun, you may quickly whip up a cup of this herbal tea especially whenever you wish to take advantage of its various benefits.

Here are some of the reasons why having a cup of lavender tea is good for you:

Lavender Tea Contains No Caffeine

Especially if you are sensitive to caffeine found in coffee as well as green and black tea, it’s a great idea to switch to lavender tea. This herbal beverage does not contain any amount of caffeine in it. Go ahead and have a cup, and you can rest assured that you will not experience symptoms such as hand shaking, palpitations, nausea and anxiety afterwards.

It Helps Soothe Indigestion

Had too much oily or spicy food and now your stomach is bugging you? All you have to do is slowly sip a cup of lavender tea to make indigestion go away. For centuries now, traditional healers use lavender as a remedy for indigestion as it’s very good at calming irritated stomach lining. You can take advantage of this property of lavender by taking it in tea form.

This Tea is Good for Excessive Gas

Having excess gas in the belly can be an uncomfortable situation. The pain as well as embarrassment work together to keep you from having a nice day. An effective way to get rid of excessive gas and the symptoms it comes with is by enjoying a serving of lavender tea. This beverage can minimize spasm of the intestinal tract that causes too much gas formation.

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Drinking It Helps Combat Depression

If you’re feeling down in the dumps, try having a cup of lavender tea. Several studies have shown that this herbal tea is capable of managing mild to moderate depression. Regular consumption may help ward off some of the symptoms associated with depression, such as lack of energy, feelings of sadness and inability to get a good night’s sleep.

Lavender Tea is Superb for Insomnia

Speaking of a good night’s sleep, a cup of lavender tea can help you fall asleep much better. A serving of it is actually a drug-free remedy for insomnia. It’s no secret that insomnia can cause a lot of problems such as brain fog, fatigue, and various aches and pains. A cup of lavender tea can make insomnia as well as its complications at bay.

The Beverage Helps Combat Chronic Stress

Dealing with stress can be done in all sorts of ways — from having a massage to writing in your journal. One way to get rid of stress is something as delightful as having a serving of lavender tea. Thanks to this herbal beverage’s ability to calm your mind and body, you are spared from having to put up with the numerous negative health effects of chronic stress.

Consuming It Provides Anxiety Relief

There are many drugs for anxiety, and much of them can be very addicting. If you are on the hunt for an all-natural remedy for your bout of anxiety, simply reach for a freshly-brewed cup of lavender tea. Because it is capable of soothing your nerves, every sip of lavender tea you make can take you closer and closer to utmost relaxation and peace of mind.

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