Reasons to Play Ultimate Frisbee

Do you want to get healthy and fit but hate the thought of doing repetitive and boring exercises? Consider getting into sports! There is something that’s really fun and exciting because it involves playing with other people as you sprint, jump, throw and catch — ultimate frisbee!

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A lot of people are intimidated with getting into sports because of all the expensive equipment, tons of rules and all sorts of game jargons involved. Well, none of those are going to bug you when you get involved with ultimate frisbee.

The rules are rather simple: you and your teammates have to run down the field throwing a frisbee disc back and forth, while at the same time avoiding the members of the opposing team. It’s that simple! Also, there is no referee around with every game of ultimate frisbee — the players will have to trust one another. Sportsmanship is of utmost priority!

By the way, ultimate frisbee is actually a non-contact sport, which means reduced risk of incurring injuries. You can spend hours playing it with your friends and go home without a bruise, bump, cut or missing tooth.

All in all, playing ultimate frisbee is a great way to burn those excess calories while building and maintaining relationships. It’s like hitting the gym and at the same time strengthening your bond with like-minded individuals. It’s no wonder why there’s the word “ultimate” in its name!

Here are some of the reasons why it is a good idea for you to consider welcoming ultimate frisbee in your life:


It Increases Sprinting Speed

Whether you are on the offense or defense side of the game, you have to constantly run to win. It’s for this reason why playing ultimate frisbee can help in improving your sprinting speed, which will surely come in handy as you move towards other sports. You may also prefer to simply jog or walk, depending on your game strategy.


It Improves Endurance

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Since you have to keep moving throughout the game, ultimate frisbee is very good at improving your endurance. This can be very beneficial even when you’re outside the playing field — you will be able to carry out all sorts of everyday physical tasks without ending up winded or fatigued really quickly.


It Makes You More Agile

Ultimate frisbee requires you to turn, jump, throw and catch really quickly to win. This is exactly the reason why it helps enhance your agility. Even when not playing a game of ultimate frisbee, there are many perks to enjoy for being agile. For instance, being able to move really quickly and almost effortlessly allows you to finish more tasks in less time.


It Burns a Lot of Excess Calories

Perhaps you have read somewhere or heard from someone that interval training lets you burn more calories. Well, that’s exactly what you get when playing ultimate frisbee. One time you are running and jumping like crazy, and then things get a little mellow the next. Interval training at its finest!


It Works Out the Entire Body

There is no denying that ultimate frisbee gives your lower extremities an excellent workout, what with all the sprinting, walking and jumping involved. But it also exercises the upper extremities as you have to do tons of frisbee disc throwing and catching. With all of your extremities involved, the core is also given its much-needed exercise.


It Lifts the Mood

We all know that exercising is good for easing depression. There are a couple of reasons why ultimate frisbee is very good at lifting the mood. First, it’s a great form of exercise so it floods your brain with happy hormones called endorphins. Second, ultimate frisbee requires you to interact with others. Feeling glum gone!

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