Reasons to Snack on Roasted Chickpeas

It is perfectly normal for hunger to creep in between meals. Pretending that it’s not there at all can be really challenging at times. If you are trying to lose excess pounds or maintain your current weight, it is of utmost important to opt for a healthy snack to reach for. Potato chips, donuts, French fries, chocolate chip cookies — these are definitely bad snack choices. Fortunately, there are numerous healthy munchies in our midst, and roasted chickpeas are some of them.

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The star ingredient of hummus and commonly used in so many Middle Easter dishes, chickpeas (also known as garbanzos or gram) can be roasted to turn them into savory and crunchy legumes. They can be flavored with a bunch of seasonings, but some choices can give chickpeas a terrible reputation. For instance, something that’s generously salted leaves you consuming too much sodium, which has all sorts of health repercussions such as high blood pressure.

You can always buy a pack of roasted chickpeas at your favorite grocer or, if you are a kitchen mogul, simply stash a tray of raw chickpeas in the oven together with olive oil and the seasoning of your choice (such as garlic salt and cayenne pepper) and bake them at 450°F for 30 to 40 minutes or until brown and crunchy. No matter your choice, roasted chickpeas make for the perfect snack time companion. Here are some of the health benefits that roasted chickpeas offer:


Roasted Chickpeas Supplies Your Body with Fiber

Half a cup of chickpeas lets you obtain as much as 7.5 grams of fiber. As you may already know by now, fiber is important for preventing constipation. Fiber in roasted chickpeas helps improve digestion, too. It is also something that helps lower bad cholesterol levels and your risk of having colon cancer, say the experts.


They Help Keep Unwanted Pounds at Bay

Snacking on roasted chickpeas won’t make you fat, provided that there are no unhealthy oils used in making them. Half a cup of the crunchy snack yields only a little over 160 calories. What’s more, the fact that roasted chickpeas are fiber-rich can help stave off unnecessary hunger and eating.


Eating Them Won’t Cause Blood Sugar Spikes

Unhealthy snacks can have all sorts of unfavorable effects on your body, including spikes in blood sugar which is bad for any person most specially a diabetic. Well, you can always reach for a handful of chickpeas when you feel like snacking because it’s a source of good carbs that won’t wreak havoc on your blood sugar level.


These Crunchy Legumes are Good Sources of Protein

Did you know that half a cup of roasted chickpeas pack nearly 9 grams of muscle-building protein? It’s no wonder why vegans and other health-conscious individuals turn to them and other legumes for their protein supply. What’s so good about roasted chickpeas is they yield protein sans flooding your body with fat and cholesterol.


Roasted Chickpeas Help Prevent Anemia

You can obtain up to 22 percent of your daily iron requirement by snacking on a half a cup of roasted chickpeas. Iron is a mineral that helps prevent anemia, in particular the kind that’s brought about by iron deficiency. By eating roasted chickpeas, your blood becomes more efficient in transporting oxygen.


They’re Very Friendly to Your Heart

Manganese, phosphorous, copper, folate — all of these nutrients are good for the heart, and you can get good amounts of them from roasted chickpeas. There’s also potassium in those delectable snacks, which is important for regulating your blood pressure. Make sure that the roasted chickpeas you are about to snack on are not excessively salted!


Snacking on Them May Lower Cancer Risk

A diet that’s rich in plant-based foods may help reduce your chance of having deadly cancer, thanks to antioxidants. These cancer-fighting molecules can be found in roasted chickpeas. Antioxidants also help prevent chronic inflammation, accelerated aging and so many other health issues known to man.


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