Reasons to Stop Eating White Bread — It’s No Whitewash!

White bread is the result of flour which is bleached in order to look pretty. Who needs food that looks pretty if it’s devoid of nutrients and can even leave your health in shambles? Whether you are trying to reduce your consumption of carbohydrates or you simply want to enjoy health that’s optimum, it’s a wonderful idea to ditch white bread for good.

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There are many reasons why white bread is frowned upon by experts and health-conscious people alike. However, all of them stem from the fact that the kind of flour used in making the pristine-looking baked stuff but nonetheless evil is refined — the germ and bran parts of grains are removed, which basically strips off the health-giving benefits of whole grains. You see, the removed parts are loaded with antioxidants, fiber, vitamins B6 and E, and a bunch of minerals.

And to add insult to injury, refined flour is also bleached to make it white, thus making anything that is made from it look nice. These days, there are different bleaching agents used by manufacturers of white flour, and some of them are actually banned in certain countries. As a consumer, you should ban anything with white flour from your diet! Make sure that you skip those cookies, muffins, cakes and pastas that are out of white flour and not whole wheat. When baking, see to it that you refrain from using all-purpose flour because that’s exactly the kind of flour that is refined and bleached!

Here are just a few of the terrible, terrible things about white bread:

White Bread May be a Factor in the Development of Diabetes

Experts say that white bread may cause spikes in the levels of sugar in the blood, and this may put you at risk of having diabetes. Needless to say, white bread is a complete no-no for individuals who are afflicted with diabetes. Opt for whole grain bread if you are at high risk of diabetes or if you are a diabetic yourself.

It May Leave You with All Sorts of Digestive Problems

As mentioned earlier, certain parts of grains are removed which leaves white flour with very minimal amounts of fiber. We all know that a diet that’s rich in fiber is vital for the prevention of constipation and even colon cancer. White bread is certainly not ideal for weight-watchers as its lack of fiber can leave one feeling hungry all the time.

Munching on It May Actually Cause You to Gain Excess Pounds

Speaking of weight, you should steer clear of white bread if you wish to drop some pounds. Again, it is very low in fiber so it won’t leave you satiated. The fact that it can cause spikes in your blood sugar can make you hungry as a bear! Since white bread tastes bland, you might be tempted add spreads and cold cuts that are rich in fat and calories.

Eating It Won’t Benefit Your Cardiovascular System in Any Way

The inclusion of whole wheat breads, pastas and others is actually recommended in order to ward off high cholesterol and blood pressure, thanks to the impressive amounts of fiber they pack. On the other hand, white bread contains very little fiber, and this is the reason why the product won’t help keep your cardiovascular system in a great shape.

Including It in the Diet Won’t Leave Your Body Nourished

Just like what’s discussed earlier in this article, the processing that white flour goes through removes much of the nutrients found in grains — which amount to about 30, according to experts. You may eat all the white bread that you can, but that won’t supply your body with the nutrients it needs to function properly and remain healthy.

Consuming White Bread May Actually Leave You Feeling Depressed

Are you a woman and you don’t know why you are feeling down lately? Maybe it’s that white bread you love to eat! There was a research published in the June 2015 edition of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that tackled the link between the consumption of refined grains and depression in post menopausal women due to hormonal imbalance.

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