Reasons Why Sauerkraut is So Good for You

Sauerkraut means “sour white cabbage” in Germany. What makes this food very good for you is the fact that it’s fermented. Just like any other fermented treat, the processing it goes through causes extended shelf life, break down into a more digestible form, preservation of vital nutrients and, more importantly, production of enzymes and good bacteria — probiotics! It’s due to these reasons why many regard sauerkraut as a superfood.

Tasting kind of sour and possessing a slight crunch, sauerkraut should be very easy to incorporate into your daily diet. And you really should — there are numerous health benefits it offers! Continue reading to know some of the amazing reasons why there should always be a bottle of it in your refrigerator.

It Helps Prevent Anemia

One cause of anemia is having insufficient amount of iron in the diet. To help prevent this blood condition or to have it reversed, make sure that you consume more iron-rich foods such as sauerkraut. What’s more, the iron content of sauerkraut also helps combat fatigue as it increases the supply of oxygen to your muscles.

Sauerkraut is Good for Your Digestion

As mentioned earlier, fermentation makes sauerkraut easily digestible. This means that your tummy is not going to have a hard time extracting the superfood’s nutrients — and there are certainly plenty of them! Also, since sauerkraut is made from cabbage, it is loaded with dietary fiber that helps prevent both constipation and colon cancer.

The Fermented Food is Good for the Eyes

One of the many nutrients found in sauerkraut is vitamin A. We all know that the said vitamin is essential for the eyes. If you like to keep your sharp vision intact, always look for a bottle of sauerkraut. By the way, vitamin A is also important not only for keeping your skin healthy, but also young-looking.

It Helps Ward Off Cancer

When it comes to cancer prevention, foods that contain antioxidants are the brightest stars. Sauerkraut is made from cabbage, one of the members of the cruciferous family of vegetables, which are respected for their ability to neutralize toxins and prevent cancer. Lower your risk of suffering from deadly cancer by adding sauerkraut to your diet!

This Superfood Combats Inflammation

Speaking of cancer, there are numerous very serious medical conditions that can be linked to inflammation. No, not the kind that takes place when you have a wound, but the one that goes on within the body. Superfoods like sauerkraut possess amazing anti-inflammatory properties, able to prevent all sorts of diseases linked to inflammation.

Sauerkraut Strengthens the Bones

Up to 23 percent of your daily recommended vitamin K intake can be found in a serving of sauerkraut. Aside from encouraging proper blood clotting to prevent excessive bleeding, vitamin K is also important for bone strength. That’s because vitamin K helps keep the calcium in your bones and not in your blood, experts say.

It Boosts the Immune System

There’s an abundance of vitamin C found in sauerkraut, making the superfood helpful in the attainment of a super strong immune system. Also, probiotics in the fermented treat helps maintain proper balance of bacteria in the gut. In case you didn’t know, a healthy gut is an important factor in keeping the immunity in a great working condition.

Consuming Sauerkraut is Good for Your Heart

Dietary fiber and antioxidants in sauerkraut work together in keeping your bad cholesterol levels in check. It is very important to ward off too much cholesterol if you want to lower your risk of heart disease. Another reason why sauerkraut is good for the heart is the fact that it contains no saturated fat and cholesterol.

These are some of the most notable health benefits sauerkraut brings. However, refrain from consuming too much of it because the superfood is actually high in sodium.

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