Reasons Why Skinny People Should Also Work Out (And Some Exercise Tips Too!)

Are you skinny and want to gain some much-needed weight? You might be tempted to get your hands on calorie-rich and fatty foods and ditch exercising altogether in order to pack a few pounds. However, that’s not the way to go!

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Exercising on a regular basis should still be an integral part of your regular routine. Don’t assume that working out is only for those who like to drop a few dress sizes. Actually, exercising is for everyone! Regardless of your gender, age, fitness level and weight, getting your regular dose of exercise is very important.

There are numerous health benefits working out offers — even to someone like you who is skinny. In other words, brisk walking, riding a bicycle, swimming, ballroom dancing or playing badminton is not only for burning excess calories and melting flab. Even if you are well-aware that you have a speedy metabolism due to your size, working out is still a must! Here are some of the reasons why exercising is also ideal for skinny individuals:

• Exercising on a regular basis makes you feel energetic. It’s important to work out especially if you are leading a very busy or active lifestyle. If you are skinny and tend to end up fatigued quite easily, exercising can help give you the energy you need to carry out mental and physical tasks.

• It is good for your cardiovascular health. Making exercising a part of your routine 4 to 5 times a week helps lower your risk of having all sorts of problems related to your heart. It’s something that can lower your cholesterol levels and regulate your blood pressure. According to the experts, working out may help in lowering your chances of having heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

• Working out regularly bolsters your immune system. Do you often find yourself suffering from allergies and infections like cough, flu and cold? Maybe you need to exercise more in order to have your immune system strengthened. Studies have shown that exercising may even lower your chances of ending up with deadly diseases such as cancer!

• Making it a part of your lifestyle helps combat depression and anxiety. It’s no secret that exercising helps make you happy, thanks to its ability to boost endorphins, your happy hormones. Aside from lifting your mood, endorphins are also known to increase your self-esteem and diminish your perception of pain. What’s more, endorphins also help ward off anxiety.

• Regularly exercising helps improve your sleep. Suffering from insomnia? Start your day by exercising to prevent daytime sleepiness and promote a good night’s sleep. Certainly, you should refrain from exercising a few hours before your bedtime. Otherwise, your insomnia may only worsen.

• It can save you from gaining unwanted weight. Just because you have a speedy metabolism now doesn’t mean you will have it for life. In case it slows down, which usually happens as you age, you can prevent excess pounds from creeping in by exercising on a regular basis. Start now to enjoy a lovely figure for life.

These are some of the most noteworthy reasons why you should exercise regularly even if you are a skinny person. Don’t know which types of exercises you should go for? Here are some smart tips:

• Keep your cardio sessions quick. It is a good idea to jog, ride a bike or play volleyball in just 20 to 30 minutes each time in order for you to prevent losing of any more weight. Performing your favorite cardiovascular exercises 4 to 5 times per week within the given duration can help improve your endurance and strength.

• Include strength training in your exercise regimen. Building muscles help give you a more flattering body shape, and it also makes you stronger. It is a good idea to get a gym subscription so you may have access to an assortment of weight training tools and machines, guided by a certified trainer.

• Focus on pumping heavier iron. If you want to build muscles that can give your skinny body more definition, choose to lift heavier weights. Here’s one more vital tip: keep the number of reps to a minimum. Lifting lighter weights and doing several repetitions is good for strengthening those muscles, but not making them bigger.

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