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Reasons Why Wasabi Loves You

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This incredible green root crop is related to the cabbage, mustard and horseradish and this family contains a more pungent, ammonia-like aroma.  It is also very healthy and makes an interesting substitute or supplement to your usual chili pepper fix, it is a very handy ingredient to have if you like spicy foods and feel like you want to eat something Asian-inspired.

It is often an overlooked ingredient and condiment but it is so complete in nutritional value like so many other misunderstood vegetables. Wasabi contains fiber at 31%, 10% protein and 5% carbs. They have a solid resume on their list of minerals which include life-saving 20% manganese 13% calcium and also has iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc. It is rich in vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, vitamin A and vitamin B6. . The plant also has high levels of certain antioxidants.  It is 70% Vitamin C which explains its quick symptoms of relief and sinus refreshment.

It detoxes your body so well.  It improves digestion naturally with its antioxidant and fibre level which comes in crazy amounts, it boosts your immune system and prevents or fixes constipation even.

It is best eaten raw, grated into a fresh wasabi sauce to attain its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effects.  Very medicinal and with a soothing, overwhelming at first kind of spiciness which a lot of westernized tongues have grown to like.

If you have wasabi paste and a bad muscle spasm, pulled joint or some pain of the sort, then rubbing this paste on the area diluted with an essential oil works well in easing pain and encouraging faster healing.  Do not rub your eyes!  This ingredient should not be overlooked because its taste profile even leads to other healthy foods, this cleanliness and spice put together makes for healthy lungs, sinuses and clears off headaches and excess cholesterol levels!  Wasabi is effective in cleaning out the e. coli bacteria and is even added to beauty and medical ointments for its antibacterial effects- in trace amount of course.

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It is the kind of low calorie food that helps burn off calories and stored fats.  Its anti-inflammatory effects make it another ideal ingredient to include in diets for those who suffer from arthritis and other forms of joint pain.  Eating fresh foods like these flood your body with antioxidants which make you feel lighter and encourage you further to exercise or move around a little bit.  The spice also helps you sweat out toxins.  Wasabi is so effective in eliminating free radicals that it is proven to inhibit the cellular development of leukemia, colon, stomach and yes even cardiovascular cancer or treat diseases that are heart-related.  The nutrients, antioxidants and unique enzymes found in wasabi make it a true cancer-fighter and preventer of a food.  Wasabi also helps break down clots that form in the vessels which lead to stroke.

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                Wasabi makes a fantastic natural breath freshener, garlic is the same way ironically- for its antibacterial properties.  But with garlic you have to brush your teeth once or twice 30-40 minutes after eating to get its anti-bad breathe effects, with wasabi it is immediate because its smell is so mild and its effects are deeply cleansing.  Beware of wasabi if your tolerance is still low, do not be a hero you might strip off too much mucus membranes of your mouth, throat and sinuses.

                Wasabi is a great diet, power and sick food- more versatile than what people usually think of it to be.  Even trace amounts are very beneficial, spicy foods are usually like that.

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