Reasons Why You Should Not Give Ice Cubes the Cold Shoulder

It’s no secret that ice therapy is highly effective in managing sore and painful joints and muscles. But did you know that it may also be harnessed to make yourself look more well-rested and beautiful?

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Each time you are faced with a cosmetic dilemma, one of the quickest solutions could be reaching for some ice cubes in the freezer. Cheap and effective, icing your skin helps you in regaining your self-confidence while zapping common beauty issues faced by a lot of women. Continue reading to know some of the top beauty benefits of using ice cubes.

Ice Cubes Make the Skin Glow

The simple rubbing of ice cubes on your skin can instantly make your face glow with health and beauty. This doesn’t come as a surprise — ice therapy helps improve blood circulation, supplying your skin with large doses of oxygen and nutrients. Applying ice cubes on your face if you want to go makeup-less is a wonderful and quick beauty solution just before you head out. Everyone won’t be able to keep their eyes off your glowing and healthy complexion.

They Remove Dark Circles

Leading a stressful life and having insufficient amounts of sleep at night can cause dark eye circles to form. Having them around is really unflattering as they make you look old, tired and unhealthy. Fortunately, applying ice cubes helps in getting rid of the problem in a snap. It’s also a great idea to fill your ice cube tray with a mix of rosewater and cucumber juice. Freeze, grab and apply on dark eye circles to look younger and healthier.

Icing the Skin Helps Soothe Acne

One of the many benefits of ice therapy is it helps deal with inflammation. It’s for this reason why the mere application of ice cubes on acne can do wonders. If you wake up to a really terrible breakout, do not panic and head to the kitchen to grab some ice cubes. Icing the skin not only helps combat inflammation, but also removes the redness and soothes the pain. As a bonus, icing helps reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands.

Applying Ice Cubes Helps Zap Oiliness

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If you think it’s a good idea to constantly wash your face with soap and water to get rid of excessive oils, think again. Doing it will only cause your sebaceous glands to produce even more oils in an attempt to shield your skin from dryness. An excellent way to keep too much oil production at bay is by rubbing ice cubes on your face, especially on the oiliest zones. Icing stops excessive oil production as well as makes your skin appear radiant and healthy.

They Help Reduce Large Pores

Having large pores can be quite embarrassing, keeping you from mustering the confidence to stand right next to your crush or have your close-up snapshots taken. Applying layers and layers of powder and makeup usually fails to do the trick. A quick way to shrink those humongous skin pores is by rubbing ice cubes on them. Especially if you have really oily skin, ice therapy can help you look and feel beautiful in a snap.

Icing is Good for Sunburn and Fake Tanning

Having that sun-kissed glow makes you look phenomenal. However, baking under the sun for too long can make your skin red and painful. Worry not because the simple application of ice on sunburned areas helps soothe the redness and pain. If you’re into fake tanning and hate the fact that the tanner of your choice tends to accumulate where there are large pores and blemishes, apply ice cubes on the face before getting a fake tan.

They Help Ward Off Aging Signs

No one really wants to have fine lines and wrinkles permanently plastered on their faces. Before these unwelcome signs of aging appear, it’s a good idea to start springing into action to delay their appearance. On a daily basis, apply ice cubes on your face using circular motions. The cool temperature will help improve blood circulation, enhancing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to your face. The massaging action also helps keep aging signs at bay.

Before you pay for those really expensive beauty solutions, try reaching for some ice cubes first. Using them on your face brings so many beauty benefits. No matter if the cause of your splitting headache are those large pores, hyperactive sebaceous glands, dark eye circles or blemishes, icing the skin helps you look and feel your best.

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