Reasons Why Your Back Bulge Stays

Most women are too obsessed in losing their belly fats that they tend to ignore another unwanted fat that is the back fat. Back fat is the condition when your extra fat on the backsides appear while wearing your tight-forming shirt or fat that peeps whenever you wear the wrong bra or worn incorrectly.

Back fat ruins the general appearance of your outfit. It is embarrassing to wear such kind of clothes when you know that there are extra fats showing off your backsides. This kills your self-confidence because these unsightly fats are getting in your way.  Hence, getting rid of back bulge should also be given priority as this affects not only your health but also your confidence, too.

Before doing any preventive measures to get rid of back fat, let us decipher the reasons why back bulge exists and why it stays.

  1. You wear your bra the wrong way. Not wearing your brassiere properly can cause back fat to show. A lot of women would put their arms through its straps and then fasten the backside of their bra. However, they tend to overlook the last thing, which is pulling it back down to anchor below the blades of the shoulder. If not adjusted properly, the back of the bra will push the skin up, causing back fat. A perfectly fit bra will help in getting rid of your back fat.
  1. Your bra’s band size is big. Wearing a bra with big band size will create fat in the backside. Most women do not realize that band size matters. Improper band size makes your bra appear loosely tight, resulting to back bulge. The right band size secures the bra’s back. It stays in the right place and gives your back nice and smooth appearance. Therefore, your bra is not only essential in supporting your breasts; it also improves how your backside should better appear.
  1. You wear skimpy bra. Wearing skimpy bra allows appearance of back bulge. Choosing a bra with wider back and sides will flatten your skin below fitted clothes. To prevent back fat, wear bra with wider back rather than busting on skimpy ones.
  1. Your activity level goes down. Many of us lead and live a sedentary lifestyle. This means less physical activities are performed. When you do less or no exercise at all, your metabolism slows down, and gradually over time, you will accumulate fat and that includes back fat.
  1. Eating and drinking habits can be culprits. Time and again, we are reminded to watch what we eat and drink. The kind of food or drink we take in can affect our body system. Excessive fats, sodium, sugar and carbohydrates impairs our body’s normal function, creating too much fat. Hence, a diet that is rich in calories, sugar and fat contributes to back fat.
  1. Weight matters. Consider your weight. If you are overweight or obese, there is no denying that you will have back fat. Back fat can be a potential turnoff because it distracts how an elegant outfit should look supposedly. This condition is more common among heavyweights than those who weigh less.
  1. Age is to blame. Here’s another reason why you have that unwanted back fat. You are getting old. Skin’s firmness loses and it comes with age. Everyone experiences it for it since aging is part of the growth process. The skin can get even more spongy and soft whenever we gain weight. Tight-fitting clothing can cause indentation at the back. If you are part of the aging population and you want to get rid of back fat, consider this solution. You may wear camisole instead of bra. The camisole is smooth and it will provide the proper support you need all the way to your waist.

Apart from wearing the right bra, you can prevent the appearance of back bulge by trying different exercises to tone your back and banish those fats permanently.

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