Recipe for Making Homemade Pure Vanilla Extract

If you are fond of coming up with various homemade treats that your family members and friends find unforgettable, then one of the most important ingredients that you should always have around is pure vanilla extract. Did you know that it’s something that you can easily make from scratch?

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Continue reading to know how to easy it is to make pure vanilla extract. Afterwards, repost this article to let your family and friends who are into homemade stuff learn how to make it, too!

You can always hit your favorite local supermarket to get your hands on a small bottle of pure vanilla extract. Or you can simply make one in your own kitchen. There’s something nice about whipping up desserts, baked goodies and beverages whose ingredients are homemade. The finished products are simply more personal and special.

Pure vanilla extract is one of the most indispensable ingredients when making all sorts of treats that taste and smell like no other. A drop or two is usually enough to make anything extra memorable.

It’s not a good idea to opt for imitation or fake vanilla extract because it’s not made from actual vanilla beans. What’s more, it usually consists of artificial flavoring and fragrance, as well as a bunch of other unfavorable ingredients. It’s easy to spot imitation or fake vanilla extract because it is clear rather than dark brown, which is the color of vanilla beans. But do take note that some imitation or fake vanilla extracts are artificially colored to look like they’re the real deal!

What’s so nice about making pure vanilla extract from scratch is you can come up with a special blend that’s entirely your own, the kind that nobody can purchase at any supermarket or baking supplies store.

You see, there are different types of vanilla beans available. While you can stick to Madagascar or bourbon vanilla beans to come up with homemade pure vanilla extract having the robustness of the commercially-available kind, you may also opt for a different one, such Mexican vanilla beans that possess a smooth and spicy flavor or Tahitian vanilla beans that boast of a kind of fruity flavor and floral aroma.

To make vanilla pure extract that’s like no other, you may combine different types of vanilla beans. After all, the recipe for making pure vanilla extract below entails the use of 5 to 7 vanilla beans, depending on the strength of your liking.

Without any more ado, let’s check out the recipe:

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5 to 7 vanilla beans (the kind or combination to use is completely your choice) 

8 ounces of vodka


Using a sharp knife, carefully slice the beans in half lengthwise. 

-Place the split vanilla beans in a glass bottle that can accommodate a little over 8 ounces of fluid. 

-Fill the bottle with vodka. Make sure that the vanilla beans are completely immersed in it. 

-Cover the bottle and shake very well. 

-Place the bottle in a cool and dry spot in your kitchen. Keep it away from direct sunlight. 

-Allow to infuse for at least an entire month.

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