Recipes for Blackhead Management

Just like pimples, acne, and other skin disorders, blackheads also stand as one of the skin problems that annoy some people. Blackhead is a open type of comedo, as opposed to the whitehead, which is a closed type; however, both are caused by a pore clogged with skin debris and oil in the skin.

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In line with blackhead management, the following are some recipes that a person can prepare at home and use to remove and treat blackheads.

Gelatin and milk are two agents that can help remove blackheads, according to Live Strong. As per the publication, the ingredients are unflavored gelatin and then milk. To prepare, the ingredients are mixed in a bowl. Then, the bowl is set in the microwave and is heated for ten seconds. After that, the fingers are dipped into the bowl and the face is coated with the gelatin, leaving it on for 30 minutes or until it completely dries. The mask should feel stiff when dried. After the 30 minutes, the mask is pulled off. It is noticed that debris, dead skin cells, and clogs are removed as well.

Lemon juice and salt

Lemon juice, when combined with salt and water, can be made into a face scrub with antibacterial properties, as per Bellatory. According to the publication, the ingredients are capable of cleaning the skin, leaving it clean and fresh. With a dirt-free skin, lemon juice and salt face scrub can prevent various skin problems, such as blackheads, whiteheads, and acne. The ingredients include half teaspoon of lemon juice, a tablespoon of tea salt, and a teaspoon of pure water. To prepare, they are combined in a small bowl. Then, the resulting mixture is applied onto the face and is massaged in circular motion. Scrubbing too hard should not be done in order to prevent skin irritation or inflammation. The scrub is applied for two to five minutes and is rinsed with warm water. Then, cold water is splashed to close up the pores. Once done, the face is pat dry with a clean soft towel.

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Egg white and clay

Egg white and clay are another two agents that help in the management of blackheads. According to Everday Roots, egg whites can form a mask that can tighten pores temporarily and decrease the likelihood of having future blackheads. They are also packed with nutrients that are beneficial to the skin. As per the publication, the person only needs an egg, along with a small bowl, a clean towel, and tissue paper. To prepare, the egg yolk is separated from the egg white. Then, the face is rinsed and is pat dry before a thin layer of egg white is applied on the skin. After that, a strip of tissue paper is applied on the face, which is still covered with egg white, and is allowed to dry. Then, another layer of egg white is applied gently over the tissue and is let dry as well. A third layer can be applied, but it is optional. When the mas is dry, the face may feel tight. Then, the tissue is peeled off and the face is rinsed thoroughly, patted dry, and moisturized.

Meanwhile, bentonite clay has been used for ages as treatment of various skin conditions. When wet, clay becomes a more potent blackhead remover, as its molecules have electrical charge that get out oil and other debris from the pores. The ingredients include bentonite clay and water. To prepare, the ingredients are mixed with water to form a paste. Then, the resulting mixture is applied to the face and is left for 10 to 25 minutes. After that, the face is rinsed with lukewarm water and is moisturized.

Overall, blackheads are caused by the clogging of the skin pores secondary to the accumulation of skin debris and oil in the pores. While it can be a minor skin problem for some, it can also be accompanied by more problematic skin conditions like acne. Thus, it is best to consult a dermatologitst for medical advice and intervention.

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