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Reduce Blood Pressure the Aussie Way

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High blood pressure affects millions of people all over the world. There are several reasons as to why our blood pressure goes up such as stress, lack of exercise, medical condition, and even poor diet. When there is too much pressure on our arteries, we are putting ourselves at risk of stroke, heart problems, and the like. This is something that you should keep in mind when you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure. So how will you be able to deal with this medical issue? Well, the Australians may have something to help you out.

Go for more plant based foods

Diet can be one of the culprits as to why your blood pressure shoots up. If your regular diet consists of greasy and salty foods, there is a huge chance that your blood pressure as well as your cholesterol levels will go up. This is quite dangerous to be honest. Fortunately, making some changes to your diet such as adding more plant-based foods to your meal times can help bring down your blood pressure as well as your cholesterol level down at a reasonable number.

Power walks

If you have high blood pressure, doing power walks is highly recommended. This is because your blood pressure goes down when you walk at a fast pace. When you walk, you are actually making your heart pump more blood thus delivering more oxygen to the rest of your body easily. This, in turn, can reduce your blood pressure.

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Deal with stress

Like it was mentioned before, stress can be a huge factor as to why you are suffering from high blood pressure. With that being said, it is always a good idea to take the time to manage your stress levels as much as possible. Getting a massage, doing meditation, and even taking breaks can be a huge relief for your stress levels to be sure.

Have some potatoes

Another thing to consider when it comes to reducing your high blood pressure is to eat potatoes. This potassium-rich root crop can help your blood pressure drop down significantly so that it is easier to maintain a healthy number for your blood pressure.

Check your weight

Obesity can play a role in high blood pressure as those who are carrying extra weight makes their heart do more work than is necessary. By cutting down your weight to the right number based on your height, age, and sex, you will be able to go easy on your heart so that your blood pressure will drop down to the right number. Going on a diet and exercising are two of the most important things that can help you manage your weight efficiently.

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Dark chocolate helps

Indulging in chocolate, dark chocolate that is, can actually good for your heart and your blood pressure too. This is because dark chocolate has flavonols that can help the blood vessels become more elastic thus promoting better blood flow.

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