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Referred Pain That You Should Take Really Seriously

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Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is not right. Did you know that it is possible for you to experience pain away from or near the actual source of the problem? This is what’s called “referred pain” in the world of medicine.

Also sometimes known as reflective pain, no one really knows the exact mechanism behind referred pain. However, there are several theories on it. Since it is an indicator that something is going on elsewhere in your body, it is important for you to take referred pain seriously. Oftentimes, doing so can save you your life most especially if the root source is a vital organ such as your heart, stomach, liver or kidneys!

Read on to know some referred pain that you should let your general practitioner (GP) know about pronto.

Pain in the Chest Area

Your heart may be telling you that it is not in tip-top shape if you are experiencing mild to intense pain or discomfort in your chest area. Although it’s true that not all chest pains are related to your heart, chest pain is something that should not be taken lightly. Definitely, a doctor should be consulted about it.

Pain in the Left Arm

Oftentimes, a heart problem may result in pain in the left arm. It’s not unlikely for you to also feel pain in the left shoulder or even hand if something is wrong with your ticker. Again, make sure that you step foot in your GP’s clinic.

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Pain in the Shoulders or Neck

Since your shoulders are right next to your lungs, chances are that you have a problem with your lungs if you experience pain in the area. Some people with lung issues also tend to have pain in the neck area. A pulmonologist, a medical expert specializing in diagnosing and treating various conditions of the lungs, should be consulted right away. This is especially true if your shoulder and/or neck pain is accompanied by breathing problems.

Pain in the Lower Part of the Right Ribcage

Your liver, the heaviest internal organ you have, is situated in the right portion of your belly. It’s for this reason why you may experience pain in the lower part of your ribcage if there’s a problem with your liver. Pain may also be present in the front part of your neck and even the shoulders.

Pain in the Abdomen

You may have issues with the stomach or pancreas if you feel pain in your abdomen, especially just below your breastbone. Some problems with the stomach, such as acid reflux, may cause pain at the back of the breastbone, which many people easily mistake for a heart-related issue. Experts say that up to 50% of individuals with chronic pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) have severe pain in the back.

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Pain in the Belly Button Area

Anything from a minor problem to a very serious matter concerning the small intestine is likely to leave you with pain in the area of your navel. Consult your GP so that the problem may be identified right away.

Pain in the Middle-Lower Abdomen

Experiencing pain in the said area could mean that something not right is going on in your large intestines. Specially if there’s dull pain near the belly button that becomes sharp as it moves to the direction of your lower right abdomen, get to the hospital immediately as you may have appendicitis.

Pain in the Lower Abdomen, Pelvis and Upper Legs

It’s not unlikely for you to experience pain in your lower abdominal area, hips and upper legs if there’s problem with the urinary system. When there’s inflammation in your kidneys or urinary bladder, the nearby nerves are activated, thus causing you to experience pain in the mentioned areas of the body.

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