Remedy for Removing Dark Eye Circles

The presence of dark eye circles can quickly rob you of your beauty. These unsightly cosmetic problems make you look tired and old. While the use of concealers may provide instant solution, the nightmare begins again once they’re removed.

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Getting rid of dark eye circles is a better idea than simply hiding them beneath layers of makeup. While there are OTC and prescription remedies available, many of them don’t come cheap. What’s more, some of them may even yield unfavorable side effects. In getting rid of dark eye circles, the best solution is an all-natural remedy paired with proper diet and rest.

An excellent fix for dark eye circles that you can prepare at home is something that involves the use of mint leaves. These herbs that add a dash of flavor and nutrients to certain dishes contain antioxidants that help get rid of those circles which keep you from looking young and beautiful. Applied topically, mint leaves can give you noticeable and impressive results.

You are not going to have a hard time coming up with the necessary mint paste suited for the elimination of those unsightly dark eye circles. As soon as you have purchased some of them at the local supermarket, the beauty fix may be begun.

It’s possible to apply freshly-pound mint leaves on those problem areas. However, the dark circle-eliminating properties of mint leaves can be augmented with the simple addition of olive oil or almond oil. It’s no secret that these healthy oils are loaded with antioxidants that help protect your cells from being damaged by free radicals that accelerate skin aging.

Creating this paste is easy. After pounding mint leaves, throw them in a blender and add a few drops of either olive oil or almond oil. Blend the mixture for a few seconds until you end up with a paste having a rich texture. Simply apply this antioxidant-rich paste on those dark eye circles. Allow it to stay there for about 30 minutes before rinsing off thoroughly.

Remember to pair this really cheap and easy beauty regimen with healthy eating, as well as plenty of rest and sleep. Embracing a healthy lifestyle is recommended too. Don’t forget to drink lots of water daily to hydrate those skin cells.

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