Rice Water Benefits for Skin and Hair

Have you ever heard about rice water being bandied about in many health and beauty circles? Well, it appears that they are on to something when it comes to the beauty benefits of rice water. We all want to look our best as we age, but wishing we look younger doesn’t cut it. We need to take steps to protect our skin against lines and wrinkles and other blemishes starting with the food that we are eating and what we apply on our skin. Of course, we all need that extra something to look our best so why not try rice water?

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Rice water contains various minerals that have been found to have amazing properties that are just perfect for the skin and hair. This is why rice water has been used for skin and hair care since ancient times. To make rice water, you simply need 2 cups of water and half a cup of uncooked rice. Rinse the uncooked rice first to remove any particles like dirt, dust, and pesticides then put the water on it afterwards. Leave it for 15 minutes then strain to get the rice water.

Beauty Benefits of Rice Water

So what exactly are the beauty benefits associated with rice water? Here are a few benefits linked to this ingredient.

Good for hair mask

Our hair can be burdened with all kinds of products that it becomes brittle and dull. If you want to revive your hair, you will need a good hair mask for it which is why you should try rice water hair mask. To use rice water as hair mask, wash and shampoo your hair normally then pour it on your head afterwards. Massage your hair gently then allow the hair mask to seep into your scalp for a few minutes. Wash it off using regular water. This must be done at least twice a mask to rejuvenate your hair.

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It works as facial cleanser

Another benefit to rice water is that it can be used as a facial cleanser. All that you have to do is to dip a cotton ball or even a cotton pad in the rice water that you have just made, then apply it on your face. Massage gently for a few minutes so your skin will be able to absorb it. Do this regularly and you will see an improvement to your face and skin afterwards.

Sunburn treatment

What else can you get from using rice water? Well, how about treating sunburn? We just can’t stay away from the sun especially during the summer, but exposing our skin to the sun for hours can actually burn our skin. Fortunately, rice water can help soothe the pain and discomfort away while reducing possible scarring. Apply rice water after washing the affected area with cold water.

It conditions hair

Another advantage to rice water is that you can actually use it as a hair conditioner. You will need a few extra ingredients for this such as a few drops of rosemary, geranium, or lavender essential oil. Apply the solution all over your hair and leave it on for 10 minutes. Use cold water to rinse it off afterwards.

Slows down aging

Rice water has been found to be a useful ingredient when it comes to fighting or slowing down signs of aging. This is because rice water has plenty of nutrients in it that are known to rejuvenate the skin. With constant use, you will be delivering important vitamins and minerals to your skin that will help repair damaged skin cells to reveal beautiful skin.

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