Risky Foods to Eat Past Their Expiry Date

One of the most important pieces of information on the label or packaging of any food product is the expiration date. However, just because something is already past its date of expiration doesn’t mean you should throw it away. Especially in this day and age when everyone has to scrimp on cash, doing so is indeed a money-wasting move on your part.

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Luckily, food manufacturers stamp their goods with expiration dates a few days or even a week earlier before their products can be deemed as unsafe for human consumption. To ensure your safety, read on. The following are certain foods that should be eaten with much caution especially if they are already beyond their expiration dates:

Leafy Green Vegetables

One of the telltale signs that green leafy vegetables have reached their expiry dates is the presence of a slimy coating. Bacteria can easily multiply in it especially if the greens come into contact with contaminated water or kitchen utensils.


Your nose will definitely tell you if oysters are already past their time limit. If you’re not careful, the consumption of these bivalve mollusks may put you at risk of blood poisoning brought about by V. vulnificus bacteria.


Some of the most common culprits behind food poisoning cases are eggs that are past their dates of expiration. This is especially true if they are consumed half-cooked or completely raw.


Cheeses, in particular the soft kinds like brie, feta and cottage cheese, serve as favorable breeding grounds for bacteria most especially when they are spoiled or already past their expiration dates.


The likes of alfalfa, lentil and bean sprouts tend to get spoiled quickly as they get contaminated quite easily. Bacteria in them multiply in no time if not refrigerated or left in warm and moist areas of the kitchen.


It’s easy most especially for expired or contaminated berries with bumpy or irregular surfaces to harbor Cyclospora, bacteria which can cause infection that requires rigorous antibiotic treatment.

Deli Meats

It’s a good idea to immediately consume deli meats days within opening their packages. Proper storage after opening matters a lot. That’s because it’s not unlikely for deli meats to contain E. coli that can infect you.


Whether still far away from or already nearing its expiry date, beef should be handled properly and cooked thoroughly. Otherwise, you can easily end up with E. coli infection.


Just like beef, chicken may be easily contaminated with E. coli. That is why chicken has to be cooked very well no matter if it’s way ahead of its sell-by date.


Shrimps contain bacteria whether past their expiry dates or not. No matter the case, proper handling and thorough cooking of shrimps are of utmost importance.

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