Root for Rutin: Health Benefits Offered by This Flavonoid

A type of flavonoid which is a plant pigment that possesses antioxidant properties, rutin is known to help prevent an assortment of health problems related to inflammation and accumulation of toxins. It’s also known to eliminate excessive amounts of certain minerals in the body like copper and iron before they can cause damage.

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You can get your dose of rutin from a variety of fruits and vegetables, in particular the ones that come with really bright colors as the said antioxidant is the one that’s making them look that way. By the way, rutin and other flavonoids used to be known as “vitamin P” between the mid-1930s to the early parts of the 1950s. The name was eventually scrapped, needless to say, as rutin and other flavonoids are not really vitamins.

Other than for keeping the health in an optimum shape, rutin is also something that is used for the prevention of a wide variety of diseases, ranging from osteoarthritis, diabetes, atherosclerosis (deposition of plaque on the inner walls of the arteries) to cancer. In fact, there were more than 130 therapeutic preparations containing rutin as of 2013!

Some people take rutin supplements in order to reverse health and beauty concerns that the flavonoid is said to help improve. Although generally safe, rootin supplements may produce some side effects such as rashes, flushing, headache, nausea and stomach upset. This is especially true if they are taken in large amounts. Also, they may interact with certain prescribed medications, and may not be safe for pregnant and nursing women.

You may simply consume certain foods that naturally contain rutin for health maintenance. But before we discuss what they are, let us first focus our attention on some of the scientifically-proven benefits of rutin:

Rutin Helps Treat Varicose Veins

One of the most widely-known uses of preparations containing rutin is for the treatment of varicose veins. It’s because of the fact that the flavonoid is known to help strengthen the walls of the blood vessels. By keeping the blood vessels’ walls strong, pooling of the blood in certain areas can be prevented, which helps in managing varicose veins.

It’s Also Used for Dealing with Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are basically varicose veins that are found around the anus rather than in the legs. It is exactly due to this reason why the intake of rutin supplements is said to be beneficial for those with hemorrhoids or at risk of having them. Rutin can help cure or ward off the embarrassing and painful issue by strengthening the walls of the blood vessels.

The Flavonoid Helps Treat Spider Veins

Spider veins are just like varicose veins, but the affected blood vessels are smaller and closer to the skin. They usually appear on the legs and face, which means spider veins are a nightmare for beauty-conscious individuals. A lot of people with spider veins swear by the effectiveness of taking rutin supplements in warding off the cosmetic issue.

It May Help Prevent Inflammation and Associated Diseases

Thanks to the antioxidant properties of rutin, it may help keep inflammation within the body at bay. Inflammation is often blamed for a number of diseases, in particular the likes of arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer and heart disease. Including foods containing rutin may help prevent inflammation and lower your risk of diseases that are linked to it.

All of these are just a few of the numerous health benefits rutin brings, say the experts. So many fruits and vegetables contain rutin, but the following are some of the best sources of the flavonoid:

  • Buckwheat. It’s said to supply the body with high amounts of rutin. When shopping for noodles, breakfast cereals or crackers, check that they contain buckwheat.
  • Apples. See to it that you eat your apples with the skin intact because that’s where much rutin can be found. Try opting for organically-grown apples to steer clear of pesticides.
  • Figs. Although they are primarily known as natural laxatives, figs also contain good amounts of rutin. Experts say that their rutin content is comparable to that of apples.
  • Amaranth leaves. Go online and look for recipes that call for the addition of amaranth leaves as these ingredients are said to be excellent sources of rutin.
  • Certain herbal teas. If you love drinking all sorts of herbal teas, make sure that you also enjoy elderflower and rooibos teas as they help supply your body with good amounts of rutin.


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