Say OK to Oakmoss Essential Oil: Benefits Offered by This Perfume Staple

While it’s true that oakmoss may not be the prettiest plant on the planet, the oil that can be obtained from it is actually a staple ingredient in so many different perfumes and fragrances. The smell of oakmoss essential oil, as one may expect, is earthy and green, easily reminiscent of a forest.

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Oakmoss essential oil, however, is more than just oil that smells pretty. It actually offers numerous health benefits that range anywhere from promoting comfortable breathing to reducing stress and anxiety. Let us take a look at some of oakmoss essential oils benefits:

It Helps Remove Excess Phlegm or Mucous in the Airway

Having cough, flu and the common cold can cause chest pain and breathing difficulty. That’s because of all the phlegm and mucus produced in the upper part of the respiratory system that should be removed. Unfortunately, it’s not always that the body is efficient in expectorating excess phlegm and mucus.

This is when oakmoss essential oil can come in handy — it is very good in dissolving phlegm and mucus that have accumulated in the airway. Once removed, symptoms associated with cough, flu and the common cold go away on their own. Inhaling the steam of hot water with a few drops of oakmoss essential oil in it can help loosen and expectorate phlegm and mucus, thus relieving chest pain and breathing difficulty.

It Also Helps Get Rid of Asthma and Acute Bronchitis Symptoms

Asthmatics as well as those who are suffering from acute bronchitis may also benefit a lot from oakmoss essential oil. Once again, it has something to do with the said oil’s ability to thin and remove excess secretions in the upper part of the respiratory system. What’s more, oakmoss essential oil also has anti-inflammatory properties, making it really superb at relieving asthma attacks and acute bronchitis.

What’s so nice about using earthy-smelling oakmoss essential oil for asthma and acute bronchitis is it works effectively in providing relief from the said respiratory system problems but without causing unfavorable side effects that some medications for asthma and chronic bronchitis are notorious for.

It Eases Painful and Inflamed Muscles and Joints

Earlier, it was mentioned that oakmoss essential oil packs anti-inflammatory properties, and this is the reason why it may be used for relieving achy and swollen joints as well as muscles. Oakmoss essential oil may also be massaged on muscles that are prone to cramps and stiffening.

In the world of traditional healing, oakmoss essential oil is revered for its restorative properties — it is capable of bringing back the normal functioning of worn and damaged tissues of the body, such as cartilages in the joints. The aging process as well as repeated use of the joints can lead to pain and inflammation, and it is said that the regular use of oakmoss essential oil not only alleviates the said symptoms, but also restores damaged joints to health.

It Helps Alleviate Various Problems with the Digestive Tract

Oakmoss essential oil is also used by traditional healers in putting an end to a variety of digestive tract problems. For instance, the fragrant oil is commonly employed for relaxing irritated and inflamed intestines, thereby relieving the likes of abdominal cramping, bloating, and excess gas formation.

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties of oakmoss essential oil, it may actually be used in easing irritations, wounds and ulcerations in the lining of the digestive tract, such as those that can be found in the throat and esophagus. Sometimes, oakmoss essential oil is used for the relief of minor digestive problems such as indigestion and excessive stomach acids (hyperacidity).

It Promotes Relaxation of Both Mind and Body

Last but not least, oakmoss essential oil is known to be very good at soothing not only the mind, but also the body. The unique fragrance of the said oil, which will immediately bring to mind a forest, is very good at making you feel relaxed. This is exactly the reason why oakmoss essential oil is commonly used for anxiety. Similarly, it is known to be highly effective for lowering stress levels.

Taking a whiff of oakmoss essential oil straight from its bottle is usually enough for you to attain relaxation. You can also fill the room with the calming fragrance of oakmoss essential oil with the help of a diffuser. You may also try rubbing some of it on your temples when having a bout of a headache when you’re stressed.

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