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Science Backed Reasons Why You Should Start Meditating Now

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In these times, when our days are often packed with work to do, and having to deal with problems left and right, it is hard not to feel overwhelmed with everything that is happening to us. You’ve probably come across articles or people who say that meditating had helped them with their mental problems, but if you are one of those individuals who need scientific proof, well, there are several science-backed reasons why you should start incorporating meditation in your daily routine.

For those who are wondering whether they should start meditating now, well, here are a few reasons why you should.

Boosts happiness and health

There are several studies that point to meditation contributing to a person’s happiness and health from boosting positive emotions, to enhancing immune function, and even make you feel more satisfied with your life as well. What’s more, meditating can help reduce inflammation in the body which can make your body less prone to aches and pains too.

Improves your focus

According to the researchers from University of Washington, practicing mindful meditation can help you become more focused on your work. Based on the study that was conducted, those who participated in an 8-week training on mindful meditation showed signs of improvement with regards to their ability to focus on the tasks that they are doing.

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Helps with your social life

There is a common misconception that meditating should only be done in your home, or that it is a lonesome practice. But you might be surprised to find that meditating can actually be a group effort too. Those who do yoga often incorporate meditation in their session which means that you will be meditating along with your friends. You can even make more connections when you join such groups.

Increases your brain capacity

A study that was made by the Mass General Hospital showed that meditating can actually help change your brain’s structure. Through meditation, there are more grey matter building in your brain that is linked with empathy memory, stress, and sense of self too. Who would have thought that doing meditation has the ability to increase your brain’s overall size and function too?

Conquers the blues

There are times when we become depressed or anxious what with all the happenings around us. This can easily contribute to your being lethargic, moody, and having lack of appetite as well. Unfortunately, there are some who sink into depression when they are not able to control their emotions. This is where meditating comes in. Meditation teaches you how to release the emotions that are running through you by teaching you how to let go. Allowing your mind to go through everything that is in your head but in a clinical and detached way, makes it easier for you to find relief in letting go of things that you cannot control.

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Slows down aging

What else can you get from meditation? It appears that it can also help slow down the aging process. This was discovered by Elizabeth Blackburn, who is a Nobel Prize winner, based on a study that she conducted. Blackburn was awarded the Nobel Prize back in 2009 for her discovery of the Telomerase which is a type of enzyme that helps lengthen and repair the telomeres in the body thus helping reverse the effects of aging.These are just a few science-backed reasons as to why you should start meditating today. If you want to live a happy and healthy life, it wouldn’t hurt to start learning how to meditate.

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