Is Sea Urchin Good for You?

One look at a sea urchin and you will know right away that it means serious business. Especially if you have had an unfortunate incident with it in the past, the sight of this sea creature sporting lots and lots of black spikes is enough to make you come scrambling away from it.

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However, did you know that a sea urchin is considered as a delicacy in so many countries? And did you know that there are actually some health benefits to enjoy for consuming it?

Read on to know some of the reasons why you should give a sea urchin a try!

No, the entire sea urchin cannot be consumed because that will surely leave you running to the nearest emergency room. Once you get past the spikes and skin of a sea urchin, that’s when the edible part comes into view.

Yes, it is possible to consume sea urchin raw — they are usually served that way when you pay a Japanese restaurant a visit. But sea urchin can also be served in front of you cooked. In fact, there are so many recipes that you can find on the internet that will teach you how to prepare sea urchin in a number of delectable manners.

There is no denying that consuming sea urchin, raw or cooked, can make you appear like you are a daredevil. However, it is not just the thrill of eating a sea urchin why some people include it in their diet. The fact is there are plenty of health benefits that one can enjoy from having a sea urchin, such as:

It Boost Your Immune System

A sea urchin is actually rich in vitamin C, and that’s why its consumption can help make your immune system strong, thus lowering your risk of going down with an infection such as the flu or common cold.

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It Makes You Look Young

Thanks to the vitamin C content of a sea urchin, enjoying this spiky sea creature lets you look young as vitamin C is a fighter or free radicals and also a precursor to collagen.

It Keeps Your Eyesight Sharp

Aside from vitamin C, there is also vitamin A found in a sea urchin. It’s for this reason why eating it as good for your eye health and vision as snacking on carrot sticks, sweet potatoes, pumpkins and kale.

It Promotes Bigger and Stronger Muscles

Just like your favorite fish, a sea urchin is also a good source of protein. That is why consuming it every now and then lets you obtain high quality protein that you need for muscle building and repairing.

It Increases Your Libido

Are you unhappy that you no longer have sexual appetite? Consider eating a sea urchin! A lot of people swear that it is a super effective all-natural aphrodisiac — it helps increase your libido.

Clearly, a sea urchin is just as good for you as any other edible treat from the sea, such as mackerel, salmon, sardines, mussels, oysters, scallops, nori, kelp and wakame. So if you are given the opportunity to try consuming this sea creature with a daunting appearance, grab it by all means!

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