See the Sea: Health Benefits of Going to the Beach

Are you thinking of going to the beach? Make sure that your plan will push through. Aside from letting you take stunning photos that you can post on social media, the beach also gives you the following health benefits and a lot more:

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It Lets You Obtain Vitamin D

The sun is a cost-free source of vitamin D, which is a nutrient that helps lift your mood. Experts say that you only need to get sunshine for about 10 minutes to get all the vitamin D you need to combat depression. Also, vitamin D is important for strong bones because the said nutrient helps the body absorb calcium in food much better. However, try your best to steer clear of the sun between 10 am and 4 pm. During those times, slather on sunscreen, put on a wide-brimmed hat and don a pair of tinted shades for your protection.

It Also Supplies Your Body with Iodine

Paying the beach a visit is good for your thyroid, a gland in your neck that secretes hormones which regulate a lot of things, such as your metabolic rate, blood sugar levels and body temperature. Seawater actually contains iodine, a mineral so important for the proper functioning of your thyroid — and iodine can be obtained via the skin. Furthermore, being at the beach gives you the opportunity to enjoy a lot of sea foods, which are phenomenal sources of iodine. By the way, medical experts say that iodine also possesses anti-cancer properties.

It Heals All Sorts of Skin Problems

Do you have acne and you are looking for a chemical-free and inexpensive way to attain relief from it? Then simply spend some time at the beach! Swimming in salty water is an effective remedy for acne because it has antibacterial properties and it also hastens the healing of inflamed skin. According to skin experts, exposure to seawater is also recommendable for people who are suffering from the eczema and psoriasis. Just make sure that you moisturize afterwards to keep problem areas from becoming excessively dry.

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It Tones Your Muscles and Burn Calories

Going for a dip is certainly a fantastic form of exercise. All the wading and swimming allow you to exercise your muscles without putting a lot of stress on your joints. Engaging in beach sports such as frisbee and volleyball is definitely an excellent way to burn those excess calories, as well as keep your heart and lungs strong. It is also a great idea to walk barefoot on the sand. Why? That’s because the shifting of the powdery surface beneath your feet engages nerves and muscles that you don’t normally employ when wearing footwear and walking on concrete.

It Helps You Get Rid of Stress

Nothing can make you forget the hustle and bustle of the city more than being surrounded with the beauty of nature. Being at the beach is a wonderful way to unwind and allow your body and mind to bounce back from stress and all the pressures of having a busy life. Everyone knows that chronic stress is something that can weaken your immune system and damage your health in a lot of terrifying ways. When you go back to your usual routine, you will be refreshed and you will have all the energy you need to face a new set of life challenges.

It Gives You Perspective and Inner Peace

Provided that you avoid beaches where there are bars and nightly parties, you can attain inner piece appreciating the seemingly endless stretch of horizon, crystal-clear water and majestic sky. Yes, you will realize that the world is much, much bigger than your problems and worries, and overcoming them should be easy. Spending some quality time at the beach also gives you the opportunity to really think. You may even find the elusive answers to your most pressing life questions while you’re out there at the glorious seaside.

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