Shame-Free Tips on Overcoming Embarrassment

As a human being, it’s perfectly normal for you to wish to be swallowed up by the ground when an embarrassing situation strikes. It is a different thing, however, if being embarrassed is something that you fear greatly. Often, it can keep you from taking risks and attaining personal growth.

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Before you step foot outside the home, continue reading. Below you will find some simple tips on how you can bounce back from feeling embarrassed:

Refrain From Apologizing Repeatedly

Feel free to say sorry to show that you really regret what just happened. However, there is no need for you to apologize every 5 minutes or so. This will only take the embarrassing incident back into the spotlight, and make you relive the experience once again. If it seems like everybody has forgotten about it, move on.


Confess to Being the One Responsible for It

There is no use in denying because the truth will come out in sooner or later. So instead of trying to put the blame on an innocent person or escape from the corner you’re pinned to, simply own up to it. There is absolutely nothing that you can do to change what just happened, but you can do a lot to keep your integrity intact.


Try Not to Take Yourself Too Seriously

Rather than put up with the awkwardness of everyone seeing you red in the face, why not turn things around by laughing at your mistake? There is no point in taking an embarrassing moment very seriously when no one around you really cares. Laugh and the world laughs with you; weep and the whole shebang becomes even more humiliating.

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Avoid Trying to Even Out the Score

Retaliating in a negative fashion will only make everything more unbearable for you and the ones around you. What you need to do is control your negative emotions to avoid adding fuel to the fire. Otherwise, you will only definitely feel regretful and even more ashamed once the dust has settled, which can be so very uncomfortable!


But Feel Free to Bring Up a Similar Situation

Sometimes it can make you feel less embarrassed when you compare your mishap with that of someone else’s. You really don’t have to name names. The goal is for you to point out that yours is not the most embarrassing thing in the world. They may even find the anecdote really hilarious, shoving your mistake out of the picture.


Just Remember to Stay Positive

No one in your office is superhuman, and everyone is at risk of committing a blunder. It just so happens that it’s you who made a slip-up at the moment. Always bear in mind that you’re not perfect — and no one else around you is! By staying positive, you can gain control over the situation and keep yourself from being the victim.

Because each and everyone can commit something embarrassing especially when it’s least expected, it’s a great idea for you to have yourself prepared for something like such. Here are a few tips on how to get ready for an awkward moment:

  • Lower your expectations. Refrain from leaving no room for mistakes as they are bound to happen.
  • Be prepared all the time. After embracing the fact that something wrong might happen, come up with a plan B.
  • Point out what it is about being embarrassed that scares you. Do you fear being criticized or laughed at? Know what it is about being in an embarrassing situation you fear the most. It pays to know your enemy.
  • Build your confidence. After pointing out which part of being embarrassed you don’t particularly like, try to overcome it. Sometimes it can be beneficial to put yourself in awkward situations to get desensitized.
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