Sharp Facts: The Health Benefits of Drinking Cactus Water

We are all aware of the amazing health benefits offered by coconut water. Many regard it as a healthier alternative to sports drinks. Also, it is said that coconut water may actually be used as blood plasma if the real deal is not available. There is a new kid on the block, however, that is said to provide a healthy competition, and that’s cactus water.

Perhaps it’s just now that you have heard of it, but it’s something that’s been long consumed in Mexico and other parts of South America. Although it’s true that the plant where it obviously came from thrives in arid areas which can definitely leave you dehydrated, the fact is it’s very good at storing a lot of water for its own survival.

Water derived from cactus is no ordinary water — experts say that it packs powerful antioxidants, in particular flavonoids and betalains. Cactus water is also said to have taurine, the very same energy-boosting amino acid found in some energy drinks. Fiber, protein, vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, potassium, omega-3 fatty acids are some other nutrients present.

Not every single cactus in the desert is used for the making of cactus water. Manufacturers specifically use prickly pear which bears red and spiny fruits teeming with refreshing water inside. While it is true that just about any cactus has water in it, the prickly pear is the one right in the middle of this emerging cactus water trend.

Taste-wise, cactus water boasts of a subtler flavor than coconut water. It is said that cactus water possesses a really mild berry flavor. Some people who have already tried drinking it describe the taste as a mix between kiwi and watermelon. There are also some cactus water brands on the current market with added flavors in them.

Speaking of which, you may also come across variants of cactus water with added vitamins and minerals in them to further boost the already-impressive nutritional profile. When shopping, opt for a bottle without unnecessary ingredients like artificial flavorings and preservatives so that you may be able to fully take advantage of the perks of cactus water.

And what are these perks exactly? Here are some of them:


Cactus Water Helps Combat Fatigue

Thanks to the superb hydrating properties of cactus water, it’s something that can help you deal with fatigue related to losing a lot of fluids. However, the presence of taurine, which is actually an amino acid, makes the fatigue-fighting ability of cactus water reach superstar status. That’s because studies have shown that taurine helped increase the transport of oxygen molecules to the muscles.


It Won’t Make You Gain Weight

Cactus water is said to contain fewer calories and fat than coconut water, and it’s exactly for this reason why more and more weight-conscious people are getting the nod of cactus water. However, see to it that you read the packaging before you start guzzling it down — you want to make sure that the bottle of cactus water in your hand does not contain sugar and other ingredients that can flood your system with unnecessary calories.


The Product May Help Ward Off a Hangover

A lot of people swear by the ability of cactus water to keep a nasty hangover from striking. Consuming the healthy beverage before drinking alcohol is the best approach to stave off a headache, nausea and other hangover symptoms the next day. Certainly, it will help save you from a terrible hangover further if you also consume cactus water and other fluids in between servings of alcohol.


Cactus Water Keeps Your Skin Young-Looking

Because there are antioxidants present in cactus water, consuming this beverage can help maintain the youthful appearance of your skin. Antioxidants fight off excess free radicals that can make all sorts of unsightly premature aging signs to appear. Further, cactus water is proven to control inflammation, something that is linked to a variety of problems which includes accelerated aging of the skin.

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