Should You Switch From Regular Cabbage to Conehead Cabbage?

We are all aware that cabbage is circular in shape. But don’t be shocked if you happen to come across a cabbage that is in the shape of a cone. No it’s not a mutated variety of cabbage — it’s called conehead cabbage. It surely is more eye-catching than regular cabbage, but should you also welcome it into your life?

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Below you will learn more about conehead cabbage, including most especially the health benefits it offers. After reading this article, share it so that your family and friends may get acquainted with it as well!

Conehead cabbage is called that way because of its shape. Some people refer to it as pointed cabbage, while others call it arrowhead cabbage. No matter the case, it’s for a very obvious reason why this type of cabbage is christened as such. And by the way, conehead cabbage is available abundantly during wintertime.

Aside from the shape, there is one more thing that makes conehead cabbage different from common cabbage that each one of us is accustomed to — the flavor.

Other than being one of the most commonly available vegetables on the planet, cabbage is also actually one of the most hated veggies around, courtesy of its mildly pungent flavor. This does not really come as a surprise since it’s related to the likes of bok choi, kale and broccoli — all of them are members of the cruciferous family of vegetables.

If you don’t like regular cabbage because of its taste, then you are not going to have trouble loving conehead cabbage. That’s because it has a mild in flavor, and actually has a hint of sweetness, too! So if you want to enjoy the various health perks offered by regular cabbage but you don’t like its taste, switch to conehead cabbage!

But even though conehead cabbage takes the cake taste-wise, it’s still just as good for you as regular cabbage — its shape and taste are the only things that actually make it different from its more common counterpart.

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With that said, it only means that conehead cabbage is capable of:

Boosting the immune system

Conehead cabbage is a good source of vitamin C, and we all know that this nutrient is an excellent strengthener of the immune system, thus helping to lower infection risk.

Preventing or relieving constipation

It is loaded with fiber just like many other leafy vegetables that you can think of, thus it helps in facilitating the evacuation of bowels.

Lowering risk of heart disease

Thanks to the potassium content of conehead cabbage, having it included in the diet can help in controlling high blood pressure, which may then help keep heart disease at bay.

Detoxifying the body

Since conehead cabbage is still a cruciferous vegetable which is known for its detoxifying properties, this variety of cabbage can help in neutralizing toxins in you.

There are so many other health benefits that you can enjoy from conehead cabbage. So if you come across a bunch of them at the nearest grocery store or farmers’ market, feel free to purchase some. You can prepare or cook conehead cabbage just like its regular counterpart

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