Signs of Anxiety in Angry Children

There are some parents who have a hard time dealing with their kids especially when they are like a powder keg that is about to explode. There are many factors that can contribute to their behavior such as problems at home, getting bullied at school, and even anxiety. Yes, anxiety can be a trigger for a child to become angry as he or she has difficulty in expressing their feelings. Most tend to keep their emotions to themselves as much as possible but then, when they can’t handle it anymore, they explode in sudden fits of rage that can leave parents stunned. Although both genders can have some anxiety issues that lead to anger, boys are highly likely to experience this.

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As a parent, you would like to help your child as much as possible. With that being said, it is important that you pay attention to the signs of anxiety in your child and get to deal with it so there will be less angry episodes occurring. Here are some signs that you should watch out for.

Anger to new situations

There are parents who find their kids getting angry when in new situations, like going to a new school, being signed up for a summer class, but then end up enjoying them. This may be due to some anxiety that they are feeling, compounded by the fact that they cannot tell their feelings at all. Parents tend to forget that kids can feel anxiety too. If you notice that your child is showing some aggressiveness or anger, try to talk to them about how they feel and see how they will respond.

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Difficulty in sleeping

Some children have difficulty sleeping that leads to anxiety and anger. Just imagine how cranky you feel when you miss out on sleep. Translate that to the size of your child and you will see how volatile he or she can be. One way to help your child get their much needed sleep is to make sure that they get to rest early at night. You can diffuse some essential oils that promote relaxation like lavender and chamomile.

Physical signs

There are some instances when signs of anxiety are seen physically in a constantly angry child. Sometimes there are bruises, cuts, and the like. Dark circles under the eyes are also present at times and hair fall too. Any physical signs that you see that were not there before should be monitored and have checked as soon as possible. It may be more than anxiety that is causing your child to develop these signs and symptoms including their angry nature.

Acting sweet everywhere except home

Some parents have heard on how sweet their child is when they visit their home or when they are at school, but when at home, they become angry all the time. This normally happens in children who are anxious because they tend to bottle everything up when they are outside, trying to be as normal as possible, then when they get home, they act up. Although there is no problem at home, anxiety can build up when they are outside that they just release all that pent up emotions as soon as they cross your door. If you notice this kind of behavior, it is important that you get to the root of the problem as soon as possible so that your child won’t have to keep their emotions in check all the time.

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