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Signs of Too Much Estrogen

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Our estrogen levels can go both ways. Sometimes it is high, other times, it’s not. Menopausal women are often prescribed with estrogen pills so they will be able to deal with the symptoms of this stage in their lives. Well, some women don’t really pay much attention to this until they exhibit various signs and symptoms that show that their estrogen levels are acting up. Here are a few signs and symptoms that you should watch out for.

Tender breasts

If you notice that your breasts feel a bit tender when you are hugged, or someone accidentally bumps into you, it may be a sign that you are getting a lot of estrogen in your body that is causing your breasts to become sensitive. It might be a sign that they are growing or there is a presence of fibroids.

Irregular or abnormal periods

There are several reasons why your period can actually come late and having high estrogen levels is actually one of them. If your period hasn’t come on time but you are not pregnant, chances are, you have high estrogen levels. Keep in mind that your period requires a good balance of estrogen and progesterone so if one is way high than the other, it can affect your menstruation.

Mood swings

Another possible sign that your estrogen level is high is when your mood is out of whack. Some women who have high estrogen levels can be irritable one day and depressed the other. If you find yourself becoming moody, then it is highly likely that your estrogen is way up high.

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Frequent headaches

What other symptom is associated with too high estrogen levels? Well, frequent headaches, that’s what. Females are typically more prone to migraines and headaches because of their constantly fluctuating estrogen levels. Headaches are usually triggered when the estrogen level spikes. There are many causes for estrogen to go up such as diet so you might want to consider revamping your diet to keep your estrogen levels at the right level.

Sleep problem

Some women who have high estrogen levels exhibit signs of sleep problems. There are some who suffer from insomnia while others begin to talk non-stop. This can be difficult to get your much needed sleep especially when you’ve been talking for hours.

Hair loss

Another possible sign that your body has way too many estrogen is when your hair starts to fall. If your estrogen level is high, you will find that hair loss becomes more prominent. Guys aren’t the only ones who shed hair because women can too.

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