Signs that Your Back Pain is Already an Emergency

Back pain can happen to us from time to time, and although most of us just take pain medication, then rest, there are other instances when the pain may be something else entirely. How will you know if your back problem should already be considered as an emergency? Here are a few signs that you should watch out for.

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You’ve injured your back recently

If you’ve gotten into an accident lately, such as slipping on the floor, falling on the stairs, or even getting into a car accident, chances are, you might have hurt your back at the time. It is highly likely that you have bruised your spine, hence the throbbing pain, which is why you should check yourself in the hospital. This is something that will not go away with a painkiller.

Lack of bladder control

Another sign that your back pain is becoming a problem is when it is accompanied by poor bladder control or even bowel incontinence. Other signs that may accompany this include numbness in the legs, hips, and pelvis which are all signs of something serious is going on. When these symptoms appear along with back pain, it may be because of the caudi equina syndrome. This is usually triggered when there is severe compression of your nerve sac located at your lower spine. It is possible that a tumor or infection may be causing this issue.

Presence of stomach pain

If you are experiencing localized back pain, that is accompanied by pain in your stomach, you’re probably thinking that it is your back that is causing your stomach issues. This is a rare occurrence. However, it is possible that stomach pain may travel to your back. It is possible that this is caused by abdominal aortic aneurysm. If your back pain occurs without any traumatic experience, it might be because the large artery in your stomach is inflamed. You will need to have it checked especially when the pain becomes unbearable.

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Is your back pain less, but you are experiencing spasms instead? It is possible that your body is eliminating kidney stones already. Kidney stones can form because of the food that we are eating that prevents the kidneys from functioning properly. If you notice that there is blood when you pee, this is a quick sign that you have just passed a kidney stone and must be checked by your doctor. Doctors may prescribe an IV to help get rid of the formation of stones in your kidneys, and to reduce the back pain that you are feeling.


Another sign that you should watch out for is the feeling of numbness, especially in your lower extremities. This is an alarming sign already, especially when your numbness is accompanied by back pain. What this mean is that it one or several lumbar nerves in your spine are affected and must be checked as soon as possible to avoid complete paralysis on your part. There is nothing wrong with erring in the side of caution especially when it comes to your back, and when there is numbness of the legs this is one sign that you should have your back checked immediately.

Having back pain may mean nothing at times, but when these signs and symptoms appear, make it a point to head to the hospital to have it checked. There is a possibility that your back pain may have an underlying cause that is affecting your spine which should be treated as soon as possible by an expert.

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