Signs You Need to Become More Physically Active

Weight gain — it’s something that many people associate with having a sedentary lifestyle. Did you know that not getting enough exercise on a regular basis can also cause a variety of other problems? Pair lack of activity with poor eating habits and a terrible lifestyle, and your heart as well as overall health can be in some form of danger!

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Other than no longer being to fit in your clothes, below you will find some telltale signs that you should include more physical activity into your daily living. Anything from cleaning your abode, walking to the nearby grocery, riding a bike to your office to hitting the gym can help turn you from lazy-bones to Indiana Jones.

If you experience the following problems, it’s high time that you consider putting a sedentary lifestyle to rest:

Your Lower Back is Leaving You in a Great Deal of Pain

It’s important to keep your core muscles strong so that they may be engaged for the attainment of proper posture all the time. Otherwise, suffering from an achy lower back is not unlikely to happen. What’s more, lack of physical activity can make you gain weight most especially around the waist, which is something that that can put a lot of strain on your lower back. So if your lower back hurts, consider moving around more.

You Find It Hard to Have a Good Night’s Sleep

Lack of physical activity can make you feel sleepy, which can leave you taking several naps throughout the day. Naturally, this can leave you wide awake at night. Even if napping is not your thing, lack of exercise can still keep you from enjoying a good night’s sleep. According to studies, individuals who exercise anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes per day find it easier to obtain restful sleep that leaves them feeling refreshed and energized the next day.

You are Munching on Something All the Time

Being physically active can make you feel hungry afterwards due to all the calories you burn — and this is perfectly normal. Did you know that not moving at all can leave you hungrier? According to experts, leading a sedentary lifestyle prompts your body to produce more gherlin, a hormone that makes you feel hungry. It’s a vicious cycle — lack of exercise can cause you to eat more, and eating more food than necessary can leave you feeling heavy and exhausted!

You Feel Tired Constantly

It may sound counterintuitive, but not exercising can leave you feeling exhausted all the time. This does not really come as a shock since your muscles are not getting the workout they need to remain toned and strong. Being an inactive individual can also leave you with more muscle cramps than before. The next time you feel exhausted and you’re just plopped on the sofa, start moving around for your body to generate much-needed energy for your muscles.

You’re Suddenly Feeling Grumpy, Depressed or Anxious

Are you making more enemies than friends? Do you feel down in the dumps or worried all the time? Maybe it’s because of your being a couch potato. Experts say that exercising is something that can help stabilize the mood. Being active is said to be very effective against mild depression and, in some instances, even the severe kind. So if you don’t know why you are suddenly feeling moody, sad or jittery, maybe you simply need to be active.

You Have Frequent Bouts of Constipation

Contrary to popular belief, constipation is not only brought about by lack of water intake and a diet that’s low in fiber. Having little or no physical activity can flush down your regularity because the bowel loses its function. Fortunately, getting more physical activity can help bring back your bowel to its optimal shape. Make sure that you also drink plenty of water and eat lots of fruits and vegetables that supply your body with good amounts of fiber.

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