Signs You’re Exercising Excessively

It’s a fact that exercising on a regular basis is good for you, and everybody knows that. It allows you to look great and feel fantastic. It helps reduce stress, combat joint pain and osteoporosis, and ward off heart disease. In other words, having your regular dose of exercise is good for you!

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However, it is an entirely different story if you exercise too much. Something that’s done too long or too intense for your current fitness level is a bad thing. Not only will exercising excessively can leave you at risk of getting injured, but it can actually wreak havoc to your health.

The following are some of the telltale signs that you are exercising too much:

You Feel Worn Out

Some people exercise because it gives them energy that lasts all day long. Do it excessively and you may end up the complete opposite — extremely tired. You may feel that your legs and even your entire body feels heavy and weak, keeping you from carrying out your tasks and responsibilities slated for the day.

You End Up Achy All Over

Having painful and swollen joints and muscles is a clear sign that you exercised more than necessary. There are times, too, when it is due to performing your chosen exercise regiments improperly. It is a good idea to get plenty of rest and not engage in exercise while you are still aching all over to help your body heal as well as to ward off injuries.

You Tend to End Up Ill Frequently

It’s true that exercising helps bolster your immune system, something that keeps you from ending up with infections and allergies. However, too much exercising has the opposite effect on your immune system. You may be exercising in the wrong manner if you tend to get ill more frequently than usual.

You Have Increased Heart Rate

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It’s not unusual for your heart rate to increase while exercising. However, it’s not normal if your heart rate remains increased several minutes after quitting exercising. It is usually an indicator that you exercised too long or to too intensely. Also, it may suggest a heart-related problem that should be checked by a doctor.

You Have Mood Changes

Does it seem like you cannot get along with your family and friends? It may be because you are exercising a lot. Experts say that your hormone levels may end up in shambles if you push your body too hard. This makes you susceptible to being irritable, depressed, angry and anxious.

You Need More Recovery Time Than Usual

Consider reducing the time you spend on exercising or taking the intensity a few notches down if it appears as though your muscles are taking a longer time to recover. What you need to do is take a lot of rest and reconsider your exercise regiment. Overtraining is counterproductive as it can actually keep you from exercising regularly.

You are Gaining Unwanted Pounds

Most people exercise in order to shed off excess weight. If you are gaining weight despite of exercising on a regular basis, you must be doing things excessively. Too much exercise has the same effect on your body as being stressed — it promotes the deposition of fat especially in the abdominal area in order to protect your vital organs.

You are Not Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Exercising for far too long or too much may leave you with disruptive sleep that fails to make you feel rejuvenated the following morning. Exercising regularly can in fact help you sleep much better at night, but if you are getting the complete opposite, you may be doing it inappropriately.

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