Simple Anger Management Tips

Feeling angry when someone hurts or mistreats you is a perfectly normal and healthy reaction. You get furious and irritated because you are a human being. What makes the difference is how you act when you’re angry. Certainly, there is nothing normal and healthy about harming others — physically or mentally, or both.

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Do you feel like a beast when you’re angry and often resent your actions after the rage has passed? You’re not alone because so many other people also have a difficult time dealing with anger properly. Luckily, it is very much possible to express your emotions without actually hurting others, while at the same time permitting you to get what you need.

Anger management is not easy, but it is possible to have your displeasure dealt with in the correct way. With practice, it won’t take long before you are able to express your anger in a way that prevents the destruction of relationships as well as your own self. Here are some of the things that you may do to have your tempered tamed:

Look for Ways to Cool Down and Carry Them Out Until Your Anger’s Calmed

• Take slow, deep breaths. Inhale through your nose. Fill your lungs to capacity by allowing your belly to expand. Hold the air in for a couple of seconds then forcefully let all the air out through your mouth. Repeat until you feel that the rising tension has been brought to a halt.

• Count from 1 to 10 slowly. It’s important to give yourself some time before you decide whether you should allow your feelings to govern your actions or not. Slowly counting from 1 to 10 gives your mind plenty of time to go on a more rational state. If necessary, repeat the procedure several times.

• Listen to soothing music. Put on your headphones and spend a few minutes flooding your ears with relaxing sounds. While you’re at it, close your eyes and imagine yourself having a grand time in your favorite place.

• Give tensed body parts some stretching or massage. It’s not unlikely for certain areas of the body to tense up whenever you’re feeling angry. One very effective way of making your irritation go away is by relaxing those tensed muscles of yours. For instance, you may roll your shoulders or massage your scalp and neck.

Try to Express Your Anger in a Different Way Before Deciding to Confront the Person Involved

• Go for a quick exercise. Pacify the physical sensations of anger by getting your dose of exercise. This doesn’t mean that you should step foot in the gym and pump iron (although this is perfectly fine too). Go for a stroll around the block or jog in order to pacify your mind and body.

• Write down what you feel. No matter the reason for your strong emotions, allow some steam to vent by writing down your thoughts. Especially if you feel that expressing yourself verbally will only result in hurt feelings and broken relationships, it’s a good idea to momentarily reveal your thoughts in writing — and for your eyes only.

• Look for creative ways to express your self. Grab your paintbrush and paint away until you feel less upset. Play upbeat music and dance to it and sweat out your frustration. Close the windows and lock the door, and sing your heart out like a chart-topping vocal artist.

Rely on Herbal Remedies That Can Reduce the Intensity of Your Anger

• Enjoy a cup of chamomile tea. For centuries now, chamomile tea is recommended by traditional healers for matters such as stress, anxiety and insomnia. Having a serving of this beverage whether you are angry or not is a great way to calm your body and mind, allowing you to think rationally.

• Take dandelion tea or capsules. Dandelion is an herb known for its ability to cool you down. It’s also something that promotes liver health. You may avail of dandelion in the form of tea, capsules and tincture.

• Drink St. John’s wort tea. Often, mild to moderate depression makes it challenging for you to contain your anger. That is why dealing with depression can help in pacifying your temper. The consumption of St. John’s wort tea on a regular basis is said to be very good at combatting mild to moderate cases of depression.

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