Simple Great Ways in Maintaining Your Ideal Weight

Feel great in your weight? That’s good, because what’s important is that you are happy and contented.  Your weight is something you consider ideal for yourself, something you’re already comfortable at.  You don’t torture yourself by starving and being obsessed in calorie counting, because for all you know, these methods don’t necessarily work. Why not make a realistic goal not to be skinny but to be healthy, fit and strong.  A key to success was finding everyday ways to keep your weight in check and making sure that you love the result.

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Eat Healthy

You’ve been probably hearing this one most of the time, but the more processed and packaged foods you eat, the less satisfied you’re likely to feel. Though this is convenient and may fill you instantly, this will never satisfy you within the day. Instead of eating hotdogs or chips, grab some sandwich or a banana with peanut butter on it.  Fills you longer.


Make sure you have fruits and veggies when you prepare your next meal. Breakfast, for example, includes a large apple or cup of fresh berries, and during lunch and dinner often include roasted veggies and a big salad. All of that brightly colored produce packs tons of nutrients, but not many calories!  Always.

Avoid the Extras

Hold off the extra toppings, extra cheese, milk, rice and all that are not part of the regular serving.  Why not replace it with extra veggies, a pickle, or some grainy mustard for added flavor. Do the same for your favorite high-fat ingredient.

Eat small and often

Eating frequently may sound counterintuitive if you’re trying to shred off some weight, but aiming for three healthy meals and two small snacks a day means you’re eating something every three hours or so, so you’ll never let yourself starve, hence overeat.

Drink up

Not only you will hydrated by drinking at least 16-ounces of water to drink each meal, with a goal to finish it by the end, but also slows down your eating pace and will fill you up to help you feel satisfied. With this you will end up consuming few  serving and calories overall.

Maximize your oven

It is best when you use your oven for roasted vegetables, meat or anything roasted.  Cooking healthy lessen the opportunity to add some unhealthy ingredients too.

Take your time

Eating your meal is not a race. Try to be the last person to finish eating, this way it will help you slow down and properly chew your food instead of inhaling what’s on your plate. Try this out and you’ll consume fewer calories and focus more on the overall dining experience.

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