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Simple Hacks to Make Your Favorite Dishes Healthier

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Food preparation is equally important as ingredient shopping when it comes to serving healthier dishes on the table. We all know that what we put in our mouths is vital for A1 health, and it’s for this reason why the internet is jam-packed with recipes that are less likely to leave your arteries clogged, blood sugar levels spiked, joints inflamed and gut churning.

Did you know that it’s possible to push the envelope and turn some of your favorite healthy meals into dishes that will leave your doctor raving about your stellar medical test results? There are a few simple hacks that can further bring out the heartiness in food, enabling you to gratify your taste buds without putting your healthy in some form of jeopardy.

Prior to taking your usual spot in your kitchen and whipping up a work of genius, continue reading. Below you will find some very smart yet simple tips on how you can turn already healthy dishes into even healthier specials!

Wash Before You Dash

Everyone knows that canned veggies are a blessing to those who are on a time crunch time. However, most of the varieties you can grab at the supermarket contain lots of sodium, making those erstwhile ingredients bad for the blood pressure. What you can do is rinse canned asparagus, mushrooms, young corn or green beans before cooking to help reduce their sodium content by up to 10 percent.

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Have a Crush on Crushed Garlic

Allicin is a compound in garlic that posses all sorts of medicinal properties. But did you know that the said compound forms only when garlic is crushed or minced and exposed to air for a while? Other than making sure that your body will benefit from allicin, crushing or mincing your garlic also helps bring out the characteristic flavor of the very popular herb. So before you start sautéing garlic cloves, have them crushed or minced first.

Scream for Cream Substitute

The next time you encounter a recipe that calls for the use of fat- and calorie-laden heavy cream, whip this up instead: 4 teaspoons of all-purposed flour whisked in a cup of low-fat over medium heat. This simple hack allows you to trim down the caloric content of whatever treat you are making that requires a cup of heavy cream by nearly 700 calories! Velvety is good, but fatty is not!

Let the Skillet Have a Break

Rather than reach for the frying pan, preheat the oven instead! Oven-frying is in and deep-frying is definitely out in this day and age when health really proves to be wealth. All you have to do is place your breaded chicken, hamburger patties or potato strips on a wire rack neatly placed on a baking sheet, cover them in olive oil or canola cooking spray, then stash in the oven for some healthy golden browns.

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Meet and Greet Whole-Wheat

When baking, make sure that your baked treats are loaded with dietary fiber by ditching all-purpose flour and opting for whole-wheat flour. Your cookies, muffins and rolls will not only be packed with constipation- and colorectal cancer-fighting dietary fiber, but also zinc, magnesium and B-complex. Want your baked surprises to have finer textures? Easy! Simply use finer-textured whole-wheat pastry flour for some delicate baked masterpieces.

Be a Butter Cutter

Everyone knows that some of the most mouthwatering goodies on the planet won’t taste as phenomenal without butter in them. However, the fact that butter is jam-packed with saturated fats and calories can send a lot of health-conscious people scampering away from those treats. So what’s the solution? Replace half of the amount of butter required by the recipe with either canola oil or olive oil. Problem solved.

Whisk in Those Whites

Just about anything with eggs should be taken in moderation to keep your intake of cholesterol to a minimum. Such can be blamed on cholesterol-rich egg yolks. But worry not because you may simply replace 1 whole egg with a couple of egg whites on most recipes. If you want to go all-out vegan, do this easy hack: substitute 1/4 cup of pureed silken tofu for every 1 whole egg the recipe calls for.

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