Simple Home Remedy for Colds

Colds can hit you any season. It’s a creepy illness that hits you unexpectedly. It can affect your day to day activity and make you feel miserable. You can avoid colds by keeping your immune system high and avoiding getting in contact with the disease. Avoid touching subway ledges or public doorknobs that are frequently used by a lot of people. If situations like this are unavoidable, make sure to not use your dirty hands for eating. The best way to get this virus is through food contact.

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If you are in the unlucky chance catching a cold, here are some great cold remedies you can try at home to relieve you of the symptoms.

Cold Remedy:

Steam Treatment: People who suffer from colds often go to saunas or steam rooms to relieve them from a drippy nose congestion. There is no need to go to the spa to get relief. Simply boil some water in a pot and inhale the steam through your nose. Do not place your face too close to the water, the steam can burn your nose. Breathe in slowly, like how you would breathe when doing meditation. You can buy humidifier that releases steam or use the moisture from your hot shower to relieve the congestion. You can also buy a saline nasal spray for a more immediate effect.

Just Blow Your Nose: One of the worst things you can do when you have a cold is sniffling in all that mucus back to your body. There is a reason why it wants to get out of your body. People who suffer from food poisoning may vomit or experience diarrhea. This is the natural way that your body is removing the harmful virus or bacteria in your body. It is the same for colds, mucus are filled with unwanted germs. Imagine sniffling back what you threw up when you get food poisoning. It is equally yucky, and just going to make you feel worst. So, blow your nose if you need to. Gently blow out your mucus, using too much force can carry the phlegm to your ear canal and cause ear pain. The best way to blow your nose is gently blowing out in one nostril while covering the other.

Drink Plenty of Water: You’ve heard it before and your mom has said it a million times, but drinking water does magic for your cold. Drinking lots of water breaks down congestion and help you breathe easier. Eat some of your mom’s chicken noodle soup, drink some brewed tea and fruit drinks. These can all help moisten your throat and hydrate you. Avoid drinks that can dehydrate you like sodas and coffee.

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