Simple Tips to Lengthen Your Life

There is a saying that everything changes except for death, making it evitable. However, there are a lot of things you can do to make your journey to the end a lot longer. Simple everyday things we can help shorten our life, such as smoking and not sleeping enough. Though, there are things that we can do to help lengthen our lives and improve our health. It’s time to make some changes and help you win the game of life. Try putting these simple tips to help lengthen your life.

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Drinks Plenty of Water

This tip has been overused and is starting to become cliché, but this tip is in most health tip lists for a reason. Our body requires good amount of water to function properly. Without it, our body will start to shut down and most of our bodily functions start to slow down. If you continue living with not enough daily amount of water you will slow down, your whole system and make you more prone to common illnesses and serious diseases. People that do not consume enough amount of h2o are more likely to suffer from a fatal heart attack than those who get their recommended amount of water.

Make Sure to Laugh Everyday

Make sure to laugh everyday, even with fake laughter. It is one of the best ways to improve your blood flow to your heart. It is said to improve your blood flow by 50 percent. If done every day you will be less prone to cholesterol deposition, inflammation and blood clot formation. Spend a few minutes a day laughing. Watch that funny video or remember that funny memory you’ve always remembered when you are down. Laugh as much as you can.

Stop Pushing Yourself When You’re Sick

Some people tend to think that it is admirable when someone goes to work sick. Yes, this does show a lot of heart – but it can also weaken your it. People that usually tend to work even though they are under the weather are more likely to have heart attacks and blood clots. If you really feel under the weather, spend some time on yourself and rest. Your body needs to regenerate and fight off whichever illness it has. If your body is constantly working while it is trying to heal itself, you are only prolonging the healing process and making your body more susceptible to other injuries and illness. This goes for your mind as well. Being sick while doing things that stress you out or make you think too much can make you feel a lot weaker and can even make your condition a lot worse. So, please don’t push yourself when you are sick.

Enjoy Some Chocolate from Time to Time

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A lot of people tend to avoid chocolate, believing that it is bad for them. However, dark chocolate and cocoa is a different story. These little goodies are said to help improve cardiovascular health. Studies have shown that men who consumed 4 grams of cocoa, reduced their risk of heart disease by half. Cocoa and dark chocolate are a lot lower in calories than it’s milk chocolate alternative. You can consume these with your meal, as a drink or as a snack.


It is ideal to fine which mineral or vitamin you are lacking from your diet and lifestyle. A lot of us tend to lack a lot of minerals and vitamins from our daily life. We cannot acquire all the necessary ones we need from our diet. So, using supplements would really help you become healthier and reduce the chances of deficiencies and reduce chances of getting illnesses.

Burn Calories

Studies have shown that burning approximately 1,100 a week can help reduce the accumulation of visceral adipose tissue. This is the tissue that becomes belly fat that often causes hypertension and inflammation. People that have a gym buddy or do it in groups burn an extra 500 calories than those who work out alone.

3 Alcoholic Drink Limit

Research has determined that we are should never consume more than 3 alcoholic drinks in a 24 hour time span. Drinking more than this number can increase our risk of atrial fibrillation. This is a condition where you are more prone to strokes and heart attacks by five folds. This goes for any alcoholic drink such as beer and wine.

There you have it! Try out these tips and share with us others that we missed! Share this knowledge with your friends and family to help improve their quality of life.

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