Simple Ways to Improve Your Skin Care Routine

We struggle every day to keep our body healthy, but one of the things that we pay attention to the most is our skin. And why wouldn’t we. Our skin protects our body and is one of the most exposed parts of the body. We use different products and treatments to keep it looking healthy and beautiful. We rub our skin with different products and use different methods that are said to improve our skin. But one of the most important things we can do to improve our skin is to make sure that our everyday skin care routine is on point. We’ve asked some of the leading skin care specialist and dermatologist for their advice on how to improve everyday skin care. They’ve shared incredibly simple tips that can make a huge difference. Below are some simple ways to improve your skin care routine.

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Moisturize as Soon as You Cleanse Your Face

A lot of people believe that moisturizers help add more moisture to the skin. In reality moisturizers help retain the existing water in the skin and prevent it from drying out. Hydrating sprays can add water to the skin, but the moisturizer will help lock it in. So, it is ideal that you use a moisturizer as soon as you finish cleansing your face or taking a shower. Three minutes after contact with water is ideal. It is also a great addition to have a hydrating mist with you. Spraying this on during the day can help hydrate the skin and help activate the moisturizer. You don’t need anything too fancy. Rose water in a spray bottle is a great hydrating mist.

Cleanse Your Face Once a Day

Most of us wash our face twice a day. Once in the morning and once when we get home. However, this is not the ideal way unless you have a skin condition like acne. You only need to wash your face at night to remove dirt and pollutants you accumulated throughout the day. It is vital to cleanse your face if you wear makeup. There really is no need to wash your face in the morning unless you didn’t wash it before you went to sleep. The only thing that your face comes in contact with during the night is your pillow. Unless your pillow is completely filthy, washing your face in the morning will only strip away moisture on the skin. If you are not comfortable without washing your face in the morning use a gentle soap and water.

Tapping The Product onto The Skin

You can improve your skin care routine by simply changing the way you apply your products. Rubbing your serums and creams onto your skin is okay, but most of the products you are applying on your skin can stick to your hands and can cause you to apply the products unevenly. The best option for application is placing small amounts all over the skin and spreading it using light tapping motion. Use your index, middle and ring finger to tap the product onto your skin. This is good for absorption and blood circulation of the skin. This method also helps give a more even coating of the product. This is a great technique to use when applying BB cream to get a smooth and even base.

Sleep On Your Back

The way you sleep can greatly affect your skin condition. When you sleep face down or to one side you become more prone to puffy eyes and dark circles. It also reduces blood circulation and make you more prone to sagging. Sleeping on your back will help keep all the products you applied to your skin and improve blood circulation. This will reduce the chances of dry skin, puffiness and dark circles. If you know you are prone to sleeping on your side or face down opt for eye mask that you can wear at night that will help reduce puffiness.

Overlapping Products

Applying your whole skin care products at once is not ideal. It will only reduce the effects of the product. Make sure to wait for each product to dry. Even with eye creams or any topical products.

Your skin goes through a lot every day making sure that your skin care routine is able to nourish it and keep it healthy is important. One of the best things you can do for your skin is to go to a dermatologist and ask them about your skin type and which areas you should focus on more. There are now machines that can pinpoint exact problem areas on your skin and the required product to help treat them. Another important thing you can do is to check your skin regularly. Skin types can change. A month ago your skin may be oily and now it is dry. This will require you to change up your product and routine. So, consider these factors when taking care of your skin.

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