Smartphone Apps That Can Help You Sleep Smarter

We are told by numerous online articles on having a good night’s sleep to quit using your smart phone at bedtime. But with the help of certain apps, you can actually turn your smart phone into an excellent tool against sleeplessness! The following are some smart phone apps that are guaranteed to turn you into a smart sleeper:

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Blue Light Filter

According to experts, blue light emitted by the display panel of your smart phone can disrupt your circadian rhythm at night, tricking your body into thinking that it’s not yet time for you to take a trip to dreamland.

The installation of an app that filters out blue light can help save your circadian rhythm from being disrupted, while at the same time saving your eyes from ending up strained. The said app works by overlaying a red or crimson filter, making everything on your gadget’s display panel appear reddish.


Relaxing Nature Sounds

No one can deny that the various pleasing sounds of nature can help send you to sleep. Well, there are numerous apps for your smart phone out there that can generate nature sounds, many of them even allowing you to mix and match various ones — ocean waves, flowing streams, falling rain, chirping crickets, hooting owls and even crackling fire!

Look for an app that comes with a built in timer, switching off itself after a few minutes or hours according to your preference, saving your smart phone’s battery from running out of juice.


Players with Sleep Timers

Not all music players of today’s smart phones come with sleep timers which can definitely help conserve your gadget’s battery. If the player integrated into your phone does not come with it, simply download one with such feature.

Create a playlist that contains some of your most favorite mellow songs, and then set the sleep timer according to your liking. The use of a music player app with a built-in sleep timer is perfect for you if you are a music lover, and you want to fill your bedroom at night with your preferred tunes.

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Guided Meditation

Most of the time, being stressed can keep you from having a good night’s sleep the moment you want one. The best solution for this is to have your stress level lowered. There are many ways to do such, and one really good modern approach is by running a guided meditation app on your smart phone.

When you press play, a soothing voice will guide you towards the attainment of utmost relaxation. For most people, hearing a comforting voice alone is enough to reduce their stress and help them to fall asleep!


Deep Breathing Exercise

Speaking of stress, another superb way to reduce its level is through deep breathing. There are a number of apps for today’s smart phones that guides you in taking deep breaths for your utmost relaxation.

Because everyone is different, it is a good idea for you to look for a deep breathing exercise app for smart phones that enables you to tweak some of the features, such as the length of inhalations, exhalations and pauses in between. With an app that’s customized to your preferences, deep breathing should become even more beneficial.


Sleep Cycle Analyzer

Hate the idea of your alarm clock waking you up in the morning in the most brutal manner? Well, fortunately there are many apps that analyze your sleep cycle and wake you up at the most perfect time.

Once the sleep cycle analyzer app of your choice is running, simply place your smart phone on a safe spot on your mattress. Using a special algorithm and the microphone of your device, the app will evaluate your sleeping pattern based on your tosses and turns. Its alarm will go off when it senses that you are at your lightest sleep phase.

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