Smashed a Fingertip With a Hammer

Engaging in a DIY project can be very fun and rewarding. Nothing can fill your heart with so much pride and joy upon seeing the finished product before your very eyes. However, something that requires some nailing and hammering always poses the risk of you accidentally smashing your fingertip with a hammer.

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Just the thought of that alone is enough to make most people weak in the knees — nothing compares to the throbbing pain of a fingertip freshly squashed with a hammer.

Worry not in case that unspeakable matter happens to you while wielding a hammer. Although it’s true that the incident will leave you in a great deal of pain for the first few seconds, not to mention that you will be quite busy filling the room with expletives screamed at the top of your lungs, there are a few things that you may do to obtain much-needed relief from pain and also to ward off some of the complications that it can bring.

Here are some of the things to do when you accidentally hurt your fingertip with a hammer:

Clean If There’s Bleeding

Take a look at your finger tip. Is it bleeding? If the cut is a minor one that clearly doesn’t look like it will require stitching, rush to the kitchen and place it under running water. Afterwards, grab a kitchen paper, fold it several times and wrap around the smashed fingertip. Apply a little pressure for a couple of minutes to help put an end to the bleeding. Remove the kitchen paper and sprinkle a little turmeric to help keep both inflammation and infection at bay.

Apply Ice to Lessen the Pain

Lucky you if there’s no bleeding after the accident. However, it’s for certain that there will be excruciating pain present, and you can expect it to last for several minutes. A quick way to lessen the pain is by applying ice. Grab a small towel and use it to wrap some ice cubes, and then gently apply on the fingertip that you just accidentally crushed with a hammer. While waiting for the agonizing pain to subside, do the next tip.

Keep It Higher Than Your Heart

Elevating is one of the things that you may do to save your fingertip from becoming swollen. By keeping it higher that the level of your heart, the flow of blood to it becomes reduced, and this helps in warding off inflammation. If there’s bleeding involved, elevating can also help make it stop as soon as possible.

Give Your Finger Some Rest

Having your fingertip smashed with a hammer doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to put your DIY endeavor on hold. Actually, you may proceed with your project the moment that you have recovered from the shock and pain of the accident. However, try to keep the injured fingertip from being involved for a while. And also, you should be very extra careful this time around — if an accident involving a hammer happened once, it can happen again!

Keep on Observing

It’s a good idea for you to give your fingertip a good look just to ensure that there is no need for you to get seen by a doctor. It is perfectly normal for your nail to appear bluish because of the pooling of the blood in the area. Pay your doctor a visit if you notice one or more of the following after the incident with your hammer:

Your fingertip looks deformed — it’s possible for the bone to be fractured. 

You cannot move your finger or there is no sensation felt when you touch it. 

Your finger has a gaping cut — it might require stitching for it to heal properly. 

You notice that both swelling and pain are getting worse and worse.

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