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Snail Slime: The Return Of The Beauty Potion

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The women of today continuously seek for the right means to attain fountain of youth. Many treatments, both natural and synthetic, claim that their products can restore one’s youthful visage. Nowadays, another rising trend in the beauty industry is rising, in the face of a creature, snail. In recent studies, it was found out that using snail’s slime is seen as an anti-age remedy.

Let’s trace back the history of how this small creature is recognized as beauty remedy. Way back in the ancient history, snail’s slimy goo has been used as cosmetics. It has been used by European as cream while ancient Greeks recognized its potential as skin’s anti-inflammatory treatment. Hippocrates discovered crushed snail and sour milk as relief to skin inflammation.

Why snail is making a huge comeback in the beauty arena?

Recently, Chilean snail farmers discovered snail’s beauty potential as they noticed the changes that happened on their skin. Their skin healed quickly without scars when they handled snails for the French food market. The French turned this mucus into assorted lotions and creams.

Now, snail products are thriving in South Korea, a country that is known to be obsessed on beauty and cosmetic products. In 2010, a Korean brand launch an anti-aging cream made from snail extract. The Korean cream product claims that it soothes, regenerates and heals skin.

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Meanwhile, in Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand, snail slime is being utilized in facial treatment known as snail facials. This is the latest addition to the global beauty and wellness trend.

What makes this snail trend, a beauty buzz all of a sudden?

The slime of the snail or technically known as Helix Aspersa Muller Glycoconjugates is a complex mix of proteins, glycolic acids, and elastin that has nature has formed as a way to protect snail skin from damage, infection and UV rays. When snails are under stress, they release fluids which are known to have beneficial nutrients and antioxidants. The snail’s slime is composed of hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein enzymes, antimicrobial and copper peptides, essential nutrients that provide several skin benefits. The fluid or mucus secreted is then filtered multiple times to ensure purity before being packaged as a beauty product.

Some skin experts found out that snail extract as super moisturizer, but they revealed that not everyone are open to the idea of using this extract on their faces.

A study published in Journal of Drugs and Dermatology in 2013 reported that daily application of topical product with snail extracts is seen to significantly reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

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The participants of the study were those who experienced moderate to severe facial photodamage. The study let these 25 participants treat one side of their face with snail secretion while the other side is treated with placebo for a 12-week period. The results of the study show significant reduction in fine lines and deep wrinkles. It demonstrated improvement in skin elasticity. The study concluded that skin dryness and roughness were resolved in all patients by day 90.

Despite the small studies showing that snail’s slime can stimulate collagen production, increase skin’s ability to hold water and diminish lines and wrinkles, skin experts convey that there are no strong study evidence presented the efficacy of snail slime or mucus in facilitating skin rejuvenation.

Other than its anti-aging benefits, some people find this amazing mucus as natural treatment for acne. Its extract is seen effective on acne scarring, acne prevention, dryness and hyperpigmentation. It is also touted as wound and burn healer.

It may be unappealing to hear but the potential of snail’s slime in reducing wrinkles seems to outweigh its “yucky factor” as several customers are purchasing this kind of beauty potion for the sake of youthful beauty.

After reading this, you may realize that the oddest of things can bring in wonderful benefits to skin. You may find it really weird, but then, other than snail’s slime, snake venom, bull semen, bee mucus, shark’s oil among others have contributed to the flourishing beauty industry.

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