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Sofa Abs Exercises

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There are a lot of people who dread the word exercise because they know it’s going to be tough on their body and will take up some of their time too which they mostly spend in front of the TV, lounging on their sofa. Unfortunately, foregoing exercise can have an adverse effect on your overall health which is something that you should take into consideration. If you can’t leave the comforts of your sofa, these exercises are just right for you. This way, even when you’re sitting down, you’re still getting a good workout for your core and the rest of your muscles.

  • Seated Scissors. Move to the edge of the sofa and sit up with your back straight. Extend your legs before you while keeping yourself balanced. While keeping your legs extended, cross your legs back and forth just like a scissor. You should do 50 reps or more depending on how many you can manage. If you want to add an extra challenge, cross your arms back and forth too. This will train your core, legs, and arms at the same time.
  • Raised Legs Twist. Keep yourself seated on the edge of the sofa with your back straight and your legs extended before you. Raise your legs as you engage your core then twist your upper body towards your left. Do the same thing on the right to complete one rep. You should do 20 reps or more if you can manage.
  • Tricep Dips. Just because you are sitting down it doesn’t mean that you can’t work both your abs and your arms at the same time. As a matter of fact, the tricep dips is a must-try exercise while you are sitting. Scoot over the edge of the sofa with your hands gripping the edge of the seat. Raise your toes so your weight will be balanced on your heels and hands. Move forward so your butt is hanging over the edge. Lower yourself to the floor by bending your elbows to 90 degrees. Raise yourself back up until your arms are fully extended. Do 20 reps.
  • Knee to Elbows. You should also incorporate knee to elbows in your sofa abs workout as this will torch some serious fats in your midsection. Sit on the edge of the sofa with your back straight, knees bent, and feet on the floor. Raise your right knee towards your left elbow and the left elbow towards your right knee until they touch. Do the same thing with your right elbow and left knee. Do 20 reps for this exercise and make sure that your back remains straight and that your core is engaged throughout the exercise.
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As you can see, you can still integrate some exercises even while you are sitting on the sofa and watching your TV shows. Doing these exercises while the commercial is on will help you train and tone your muscles. You can increase the number of reps if you can manage the ones mentioned above without sweating too much.

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