Steps on How to Gain Weight Quickly

We always come across articles that talk about how to deal with obesity and being overweight, but there is another side to the spectrum where people are way to lightweight for their age and height that they are looking for ways on how to increase their weight to bulk up. Those who are underweight also have health issues to contend with. Regardless of whether you are underweight, or you just want to add more bulk to your skinny frame, you’re most likely looking for ways to gain weight and fast. Here are a few tips for you to achieve the desired results.

Consume more calories

If you want to gain weight, you will need to do more than just consume the usual amount of food that you eat every day. This means that you’ll have to double your intake of calories compared to the amount that you expend. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should binge eat as this can be harmful to your stomach. What you can do, however, is to ease into this, by adding 300 to 500 calories more to your regular food intake.

Drink milk shakes

Another option to consider is to consuming milk shakes. Doctors may recommend that you eat foods such as desserts and cakes, which are high in calories, so that you will be add to your weight. However, take note that this may work on some while others may just accumulate visceral fat without really adding to your weight.

Have more protein

For those who want to gain more weight, make sure that you are upping your intake of protein. Protein is the building block for muscles. Without it, most of the extra calories that we eat can simply end as body fat which is not what you are aiming for. However, since eating a high-protein diet can make your stomach feel full longer, you might have some trouble achieving consuming the added calories. The best way to balance this out is to have at least a gram of protein in your meals so that you will be able to consume more calories still.

Choose nutrients

Just because you were told to increase your calorie intake, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be eating just about anything. You should also consider their nutritional value as your health is more important. For example, instead of just eating white rice, go for brown rice as it is not only filling, but it does help your digestive system too.

Eat more often

If you have a habit of skipping meals, now is not the time to do that since you want to gain weight or bulk up. The goal here is to simply bulk up and you won’t be able to do that if you are not eating frequently. The best option here is to eat at least three times a day or more. Your diet should consist of foods that are rich in nutrients such as proteins and complex carbs. You’ll find it is easier to see the number on your weighing scale to go up because of this.

Prepare healthy snacks

Another option to consider when it comes to gaining weight fast is to prepare snacks that are healthy in nature. Trail mix, crackers with peanut butter, protein bars and even drinks deserve to be added to your diet since they will add calories to your weight while still keeping you healthy in the process.

These are just a few examples on how you will be able to gain weight safely and naturally too. Making the right approach to weight gain does have its perks especially when it comes to building muscles on your skinny frame.

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