Still Hungry? Here are 8 Reasons You’re Still Hungry–Even After You Just Ate!

After eating a plate full for lunch you still feel hungry and unsatisfied? This is called “rebound hunger”. This happens when certain food ingredients stops our body’s ability to tell our brains it’s full. Avoid getting “rebound hunger” and prevent giving into cravings by avoiding these foods and habits.

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Not Eating a Full Breakfast:

People who usually eat a full breakfast of 500 calories are less likely to gain weight than those who ate 300 calories for breakfast. This is because of the smaller rises in insulin and blood sugar. People who consume smaller amounts of calories in the morning have higher spikes in blood sugar get more sudden food / sugar cravings.

  • Eat a high protein diet to prevent cravings throughout the day.

Processed or Canned Food

BPA a chemical found in canned and processed food is known to cause sudden cravings and cause obesity.

Cereal to Oatmeal

If you experience hunger pangs and cravings when you eat cereal for a snack or breakfast, it may be because of the consistency of cereal. By opting for thicker oatmeal, you’ll feel fuller longer and prevent hunger pangs.

Sodas and Other Sugary Beverages

Sodas and other beverages that are high in fructose slow down blood flow and lessen the ability of the brain that controls hunger. Your brain’s ability to analyze the body’s appetite is compromised. Opt for drinks that don’t contain high fructose to avoid overeating.

Tea Time

Drinking tea can increase metabolism and lower sugar levels. Drink a cup of black tea after High carb or high glucose meals to prevent cravings. A component found in black tea can stop the “rebound hunger” effect.


Increase your water intake to prevent getting hungry. Dehydration can imitate the symptoms of hunger. Before gorging on food, drink a glass of water and wait for 10 minutes. If you lose your urge to eat, you were probably just dehydrated.

Don’t Skip the Veggies

Veggies are low in calories and can make you feel fuller longer. It also contains vitamin K that regulates sugar levels, this prevents hunger pangs.

Boredom Strikes

Boredom can cause you to overeat. A simple test to know if you really are hungry is to imagine a big meal. If it makes your stomach rumble you are hungry, if not you need a distraction. Try reading a book or doing a puzzle.


Rebound hunger can cause overeating and obesity. Avoid adding on extra pounds by avoiding these foods and bad habits.

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