Stop Making Excuses, Start Losing Weight

Losing weight is not easy, as it seems. It takes discipline, hardwork and willpower to reach your desired weight. You have plenty of reasons why is it impossible for you to shed extra pounds.  We will resolve all the excuses you can come up so you will achieve the weight you have been dying to have all these years.

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We present the most common excuses that get you off track as well as how to overcome them.

Excuse #1:  “I don’t have time.”  “I’m too busy.”

  • Respond to this by:  Assessing and learning to manage your time. Create time for this. Start this way by logging your activities and the amount of time you spent for every activity that you do in the first three days. After that, assess which of these activities you need to let go or shorten the time span.  If you need to sacrifice some of your well-loved activities such as watching TV or surfing the net, then do so. Sleep early so you will wake up early in the morning and have more time to accomplish other works.
  • You can do this other alternative. Set an alarm to eat on your phone or computer so you won’t forget and overindulge later.  Try to plan your meals. Always keep healthy food within your reach such as apples, nuts, or bananas so you won’t indulge on sweets, fast food meals and similar foods that will hinder your weight loss project to progress.
  • Do the same also for exercise so you won’t miss doing physical activities. Like your business appointments, exercise has to be planned, specific, written down and communicated to the family or your friends.
  • When you create time for these essential activities, you will feel better and gain increased energy and endurance.

Excuse #2: “I find healthy food too expensive.”

  • Respond to this by: Checking your current food spending. Buying fast food meals or unhealthy baked goods such as cookies, chips, are expensive too. If you spend more on these kinds of food, you are wasting more money to the drain. This is because consuming these unhealthy foods makes you prone to lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer. Treating these diseases is costly that it can break your bank account.  Hence, eating healthy is cost-efficient because you could save yourself from possible danger and hurting your pocket, too.
  • Purchase fresh vegetables and fruits for they are healthy food choices because they are picked at the peak of ripeness.  It is also suggested to buy seasonal produce from farmers’ markets, purchasing whole grains in bulk and not buying food in individual packages.
  • Fill your fridge with the aforementioned products because it will satisfy your hunger better than fast food. This will also prevent you from binge eating; thus, lose weight effectively.

Excuse #3: “I don’t have access to the gym.” “I can’t afford gym membership.”

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  • Respond to this by: Exploring other options to do your exercise or workouts. Doing an exercise should not be expensive. Your home is filled with things that you can use to perform exercises. Consider walking around your neighbourhood or use gallon of water or canned goods as weights.
  • Do dance workouts at home or do other body weight exercises such as jumping jacks or lunges. When at work, use stairs instead of elevator. If you bring your car, park it at the farthest parking and walk your way going to work.

Excuse #4: “I’m too tired to exercise.”

  • Respond to this by: Starting small.  A five-minute exercise each morning can do wonders to you. Incorporate exercise while you are doing your household chores.  When going to work, bike instead of bringing your car. Doing light stretches will also help you energized throughout the day.
  • Exercise boosts your energy levels and helps you sleep better.  The more energy you get, the more you will get done every day. Exercise makes your heart pumping, blood pumping, removes toxins out from your body. It also increases your confidence level, making you feel better about yourself.

Excuse #5: “I love eating.” “I love sweets.”

  • Respond to this by: Eating in moderation. Everyone loves to eat. If you want to lose weight, you don’t have to skip meals. The key to shedding those excess pounds is to eat at the right time. Portion your meals and learn the art of combining.  If you are a fan of sweet food and drinks, gradually reduce the intake until your body gets used to it.

Excuse #6:  “I feel hungry when I do diet.”

  • Respond to this by: Learning to listen to your body’s hunger signal to determine if you need to eat or drink. Some people mistake thirst for hunger.  Hence, you need to stay hydrated.  Consume quality rather than quantity of calorie consumed. Combat hunger pangs by eating balanced meals. Do portion controls, skip calorie-rich foods and drinks and stock on low-calorie food within reach.

Excuse #7: “I don’t have time to cook or prepare healthy, nutritious meals.”

  • Respond to this by: Realizing how cooking can help lose weight.  Did you know that twenty minutes of cooking healthy meal could save you from excess calories and time on the treadmill? Studies reveal that people who their meals at home tend to eat healthy and weigh less than those who don’t.
  • To save time from cooking, arm yourself with proper resources like a healthy cookbook for fast meals or easy to do recipes found from a reliable website.
  • You can also save time from meal preparation without compromising nutritional values by purchasing frozen fruits and vegetables, precut meats and rotisserie chicken.  If you cannot avoid having takeout, choose healthier options when ordering.

Excuse #8:  “I have a medical condition.”

  • Respond to this by: Consulting to your doctor your current medical condition. Your doctor will advise you to do ways to get healthy other than prescribing you medication.
  • If you have injuries, your doctor or therapist will help you other alternatives to keep you fit.  Learn from them what activities you can do for the meantime while recuperating from injuries.
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