Stop Stomach from Grumbling

Have you ever had that experience where you were sitting in a quiet lecture hall or conference room and your stomach starts to make weird grumbling noises? You feel humiliated, but you can’t really do anything about it since it’s not really something you can hold back. If we were all honest here, you’ll know that everyone has experienced something like this at least once. Unlike coughs or burps, this is something that you can’t really stop by clenching some body parts. Though, there are different things you can do to avoid it from happening. If you ever start to feel like your stomachs about to grumble or even growl, try these proven tips out.

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Eat Properly

One of the biggest causes of grumbling stomachs is hunger. Like people your stomach will complain if it is not fed properly or not fed enough. If you know that you are going somewhere that will require you to sit or stand for a long time, make sure that you get enough fuel. Eating enough food before you do activities will keep your body and your stomach happy. Though, eating a huge meal is not a good idea either. Eating too fast or too much can cause indigestion. Your stomach can make a lot of noise when it is full too. Portion is important, make sure that your stomach is filled enough that it won’t complain of hunger after just a few hours and not too full that it takes a lot for your intestine and stomach to digest the food.

Bathroom Break

There will be days where your stomach will not agree with your plans. You can be sitting in a quiet church or in your graduation ceremony when your stomach starts to grumble uncontrollably. You may think that this is just hunger, but this can be because your stomach is telling you to run to the bathroom. The stomach can sometimes grumble when it is struggling to digest something or your intestines wants you to empty out your body. Before you go to an important ceremony or meeting make sure that you take a quick bathroom break to lessen a few loads.

Drink Water

If you’re in the middle of your meeting, you can’t really stand up and excuse yourself. The next best thing you can do is to drink water. This can lessen the sounds your stomachs are making and help soothe the stomach cramps. It will also help reduce hunger and keep your stomach calm for a few more hours. Nonetheless, drinking too much can make the matter worse. When the stomach is too full it can make swishing and grumbling noises. Stick to a bottle of water and skip the coffee. Avoid carbonated drinks too. This can worsen that grumbling and at times can even make it louder. It can upset your stomach and make stomach cramps a lot worse. Avoid gassy drinks about an hour before any important event to prevent an upset stomach.

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Olive Oil

Some people struggle with grumbling stomachs even with if they ate enough and emptied their stomachs. This can be caused by stomach cramps or acids. Some people use a tablespoon of olive oil to help soothe the stomach to reduce the rumbling. Though, never exceed a tablespoon. Taking in too much olive oil can actually make it worse. Never use this remedy on an empty stomach.

Warm Tea

You can’t go wrong with a warm cup of tea. Unlike coffee, this can help soothe the stomach and reduce the production of gas. If you are prone to grumbling stomach, try to sip a cup of tea. Yet, teas that are filled with sugar and dairy will have an opposite effect. This can worsen the stomach cramps and noise.

Anxiety or Nervousness

Some people may experience their stomach caving in or stomach cramps when they are under a lot of stress, having an anxiety attack or nervousness. The best way to reduce this is to do a bit of breathing exercises or concentrate on a specific area in the room. This can help reduce the anxiety and calm down the stomach.

Did you know that grumbling stomachs are not always necessarily caused by hunger? There are different factors that can be causing your stomach to grumble such as gas and indigestion. The grumbling can even be caused by your intestines. When your intestine works, there are certain gases and fluids in there that can be causing the grumbling sound. People that tend to have acid reflux or hyper acidity are prone to having stomach grumblings due to the excess amount of acids in the stomach.

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