Strange Old Home Remedies that Actually Work

When it comes to home remedies, we usually stick with the common ones such as aloe veras for burns and cuts, mint herbs for nausea and the like. But you might be surprised that there are some strange old home remedies that actually work. If you want to know what other natural remedies that you can try out, here are more examples for you to consider.

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  • Vodka for smelly feet. If you are suffering from smelly feet, which can be quite embarrassing for sure, simply wipe them down with a washcloth soaked in vodka. Vodka contains alcohol and antiseptic properties that can quickly dry your feet while destroying any bacteria or fungi clinging to it.
  • Ice cream for pizza burns. We all love ice cream because of its delicious taste but aside from satisfying our cravings for something sweet, did you know that you can use it soothe your burnt tongue after eating a hot pizza? Ice cube, eating frozen yogurt, and even swigging a cold drink can also have the same effects but eating ice cream is definitely worth it.
  • Yogurt for bad breath. Is your mouth smelling a bit funky? Although eating some peppermints can help freshen your breath, try yogurt. The live bacteria found in yogurt can eliminate those bad bacteria that are trigging foul breath. So the next time you feel that your breath isn’t exactly good, get a cup of yogurt to eliminate the bad bacteria.
  • Listerine for blisters. This may sound bizarre at first but listerine does work in quickly drying out blisters. All that you have to do is to soak a cotton ball in Listerine and just apply it on the blisters three times a day or until you feel relief. Listerine has antiseptic properties that can speed up the healing process.
  • Licorice for corns and calluses. Are you suffering from calluses or corns on your hands and feet? You might be surprised to find that one of the best home remedies to alleviate them is through licorice. Just grind some licorice and mix them with half a teaspoon of petroleum jelly. Apply the mixture on the affected areas of your hands and feet.
  • Sugar for your hiccups. Don’t you hate those moments when you start to hiccup? Most of us drink water to alleviate the problem but another surprising home remedy is sugar. Just swallow a teaspoon of sugar and it will help get rid of your hiccup.
  • Lemons or olives for nausea. For those who are suffering from motion sickness, try eating olives or sucking on lemons when you feel nauseas. There are compounds in olives that can help dry your mouth to alleviate the feeling of nausea.

As you can see, there are pretty strange and interesting home remedies that have been found to be quite effective in treating various health problems. It’s always a good idea to start treating mild symptoms with something safe and natural like the ones mentioned above.

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