Strange Remedies for Joint Pain

Got achy and swollen joints but you want to spare yourself from the nasty side effects orally-taken painkillers bring? There are plenty of home remedies available that you may count on each time you are bugged by joint pain.

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There are also a few solutions that seem absurd, although many swear by their effectiveness in dealing with joints in a not-so-good state. Read on and see which among these strange joint pain remedies can actually deliver!

Snack on Raisins Soaked in Gin

In a bowl, place a handful of raisins. Pour some gin into the bowl, just enough to cover the raisins. Place a clean towel over the bowl and let it stand somewhere in the kitchen for a few days, or until the gin has evaporated. Begin snacking on the raisins moist with gin. Try this home remedy for about a week and see why many actually opt for this solution for joint pain. It is said that both gin and raisins have anti-inflammatory benefits.

Cobra Venom

It all started when a man stricken with arthritis was bitten by a cobra. After surviving the encounter, the man claimed that he was completely free of the symptoms of arthritis in the days that followed. So should you head to the jungle and get yourself bitten by a cobra to attain relief from painful and swollen joint? Not really. Experts are currently in the process of producing an oil-based topical solution for arthritis that contains snake venom.

Bee Stings

According to some beekeepers, being stung by bees helped them attain much-needed relief from achy and swollen joints. True enough, when scientists did some research on the effect of bee venom on arthritis, it was found out that the beekeepers were not spreading untruths. That is why a lot of people suffering from arthritis are said to be benefiting from what’s referred to as bee-venom therapy conducted by the experts.

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Guzzle Down Potato Juice

It is said that one of the most effective home remedies for joint pain is potato juice. According to the experts, it contains enzymes known to help ease the symptoms of various inflammatory conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatism. Keyed up to see if this solution will work wonderfully on you? Simply place a few slices of potatoes in a glass of water. Stash it in the fridge and guzzle down the following day. Repeat daily until you attain relief from joint pain.

Consume Gelatin

Did you know that snacking on colorful and flavorful gelatin is said to help you manage painful and swollen joint? That’s because gelatin contains collagen, a type of protein, which is one of the many things that cartilages are made of. Proponents say that by eating gelatin, you are supplying the body with enough collagen to promote the repair of damaged cartilages in the affected joints. Munching on gelatin may ward off skin aging signs too!

Apply Industrial Lubricant

Some people claim that applying industrial lubricant such as WD-40 on their painful, stiff and swollen joints allowed them to enjoy immediate relief. However, medical experts beg to disagree, saying that there is nothing in such product that can ease the symptoms of inflammatory conditions of the joints such as arthritis. Although the experts believe that the cooling effect and massaging action can help provide some relief.

Wear Copper Bracelet

It is believed that putting on copper bracelet works very well against joint pain because copper possesses anti-inflammatory properties. If you cannot get your hands on a copper bracelet, look for a copper ring. Still can’t find one? Fret not. Some people simply grab a copper container, place water in it and allow it to stand overnight. The following day, they consume the water inside the container that had accumulated traces of copper.

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