Strange Things That Help Make Your Metabolism Run Faster

Exercise, drink coffee, have a hearty breakfast, eat protein — these are some of the most popular ways to rev up a sluggish metabolism, which is commonly the root cause why some people have a hard time losing excess pounds or staying within their ideal weight range.

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Did you know that there are a bunch of other metabolic rate-boosters that are very good at enhancing your body’s ability to burn calories and fat without looking like they actually can?

So if exercising leaves you feel boring or having a cup of java makes you feel anxious, worry not. That’s because there are many other things that can help make your metabolism accelerate. See which of the following tips and tricks can help you attain the svelte figure that you’ve been dreaming of:

Be Friends with Beans

Vegetarians turn to beans for their source of protein, which only means that they are very good at building muscles as well as speeding up the metabolic rate. However, there’s one more thing about beans that makes them an excellent booster of the metabolism, and it’s called “resistant starch”. Just like what the name suggests, it’s something that gives your stomach a real challenge. This causes your body to allot plenty of calories to your GI tract, resulting in a much faster metabolism. Have your beans to boost your weight loss.

Stop Whining and Drink Red Wine

It’s no secret that moderate consumption of red wine on a regular basis can help lower a person’s risk of heart disease. Did you know that the alcoholic beverage also helps facilitate the burning of excess sugar? It’s all about resveratrol, which is a plant-based compound found in red grapes (from which red wine is made) with superb antioxidant properties. Do keep in mind that women should drink no more than a glass of red wine per day, and men should not drink more than a couple of glasses of it daily in order to maximize the benefits and keep the risks at bay.

Make Peace with Fish

Low in cholesterol and saturated fats but high in healthy omega-3 fatty acids — it’s no wonder why fish is good for you. Since fish is packed with protein, too, adding it to your diet on a regular basis can help in revving up your metabolism. Fish also supplies your body with iodine, a mineral necessary for the optimum functioning of your thyroid gland. You see, your thyroid gland controls so many bodily processes, and that includes your metabolic rate. Doctors recommend at least two servings of fish a week, in particular the oily or fatty kind.

Have a Date with Mr. Sandman

Believe it or not, spending hours of time in dreamland is good for your metabolism. Otherwise, being sleep deprived can only make you feel famished and your level of satiety very low — all of it has something to do with hormonal imbalance that can result from lack of sleep. So if you want to make your dream figure become real, have a good night’s sleep each time. This is especially true if you regularly hit the gym to build metabolism-boosting lean muscles — it’s while you’re asleep when those muscles are formed as well as repaired, fitness experts say.

Just Stay Active

It’s okay if doing those push-ups or chin-ups is not your thing. Even if you really loathe picking up a pair of dumbbells or donning a pair of running shoes, it’s still possible to enjoy a fast metabolism. Such can be achieved by remaining physically active. Dusting off furniture or sweeping the floor, walking your dog around the neighborhood, washing your car, taking the stairs instead of the elevator — all of these seemingly simple physical activities can actually help make your metabolism run so much faster, allowing you to burn excess calories efficiently.

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