Strange Things That Pregnancy Does to Your Body

Being in the family way sure is a wondrous moment in your life. You simply can’t wait for that growing beautiful little human being in your womb to come out so that you may start giving him or her lots of hugs, kisses and love. But before that time happens, you have to put up with everything that pregnancy brings for 9 months.

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The following are some of the weirdest things that can happen to the body of a pregnant woman like you:


Hair Here, There and Everywhere

Because of the hormonal changes taking place within, you will notice that your mane is thicker. That’s great news — what woman wouldn’t love having voluminous hair? However, it is very much likely for you to have lots of hair elsewhere, including in areas where you didn’t have hair before. Worry not because about a couple of months before you give birth, having lots of unwanted hair will gradually exit the scene.


A Flood of Blood

Experts say that the amount of a woman’s blood increases by as much as 50 percent during pregnancy. This is nature’s way of ensuring that the growing and developing baby in you will get all the nutrients it needs. Furthermore, an increase in blood volume can save you from some birthing risks, such as losing a lot of blood.


Constantly Wet with Sweat

Because there is more blood coursing through your veins, your core temperature tends to be increased. In order to make up for this, your body produces more sweat to help you cool down. It’s a good idea to put on loose-fitting clothes that are out of natural fabrics. Don’t forget to stay hydrated all the time!


Some Things Get a Bit Darker

You will notice a dark-colored line down the middle of your protruding belly, and it’s called linea nigra. Actually, that line has always been there but it’s not visible, until you get pregnant and more pigment is produced by your skin. It’s because of this reason exactly why your nipples also become darker together with a few other body areas of yours.


While Some Things Get a Bit Bluish

Look down there — you will be surprised to know that your vagina is actually bluish. Don’t come rushing to your OB-GYN because it’s perfectly normal. In fact, there is a medical term for that: Chadwick’s sign. But it’s not just the color of your hoo-ha that will change while you’re in the family way. Prepare yourself for a lot of changing of underwear and/or panty liner because your vaginal discharge will also increase to help ward off infections between the legs.


Voice Just Like a Boy’s

Earlier, it was mentioned that hormonal changes are going on in your body. It’s something that can certainly cause a lot of changes, including the way your voice sounds. You and everyone else around you will notice that it’s lower than usual. Sometimes it may also get raspy. Grab this opportunity to learn to sing the blues!


Mood Swing is in Full Swing

Another part of you that is affected by hormonal changes is your mood. You will notice that just about everything can make you cry like a baby. Receiving a gift, seeing a cheesy TV commercial, being served with the wrong ice cream flavor — all of these things and more can leave you shedding a tear. Hormonal changes, according to experts, also contribute to post partum depression which you may later on experience, too.


Nose is Drippy, Breath is Icky

Do you have runny nose that won’t go away? You may be suffering from what’s called pregnancy rhinitis. But don’t worry because this won’t have an effect on the baby in your womb. Aside from reaching for the box of tissue constantly, you may also find yourself reaching for your toothbrush or those breath mints more often. Having stuffy nose can leave your breath reeking, plus the fact that pregnant women tends to have gum problems contributes to such.

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