Stretching to Get in Shape and Reverse the Aging Process

Nothing signals or shows the definite signs of aging more than having stiff joints and muscles. In fact, a lot of doctors and scientists use the body flexibility tests to determine a person’s “real age”.

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For example, a flexible and agile 40-year old could appear as younger in “real age” than a biological 23-year old who leads a sedentary lifestyle.

Why a Stiff Body Makes You Older
Your body is an intricate circuitry of blood vessels that carry nutrients to the cells so you can function optimally. When you fail to stretch your muscles, your body and its entire flow of circuitry may collapse, restricting blood flow and the transfers of energy. When your energy supply is decreased, you’ll feel tired and lethargic. Stretching helps you prevent your body’s circuitry from being atrophied.

The first aid actions to counter the effects of aging start with deep breathing, stretching and ingesting plenty of water. And as you add other healthy activities into the mix, you are paving your way back to a sexier, healthier and younger-looking you.

7 Rules for Effective Stretching
1. Stretch gently and slowly. Never rush on this activity.
2. Do not bounce while doing your stretches. Ease into the next position in one smooth, continuous motion.
3. Do deep breathings.
4. Use your body’s gravity. Do not force the stretch and just allow your body to naturally sink deeper into the stretch while you exhale.
5. Relax. Closing your eyes while stretching adds to its relaxation effect.
6. Maintain at each stretching pose for about 20 seconds.
7. Good form is better considered than how deeply you stretch.

The Many Benefits of Stretching
1. It counters the aging process.
2. It improves your blood circulation.
3. It gives you an energy boost.
4. It defines and tones your muscles. It can even provide you with a more slender appearance.
5. It improves your posture.
6. It can alleviate your aches and pains that are associated primarily with aging.
7. It minimizes your risk for injuries and muscle tears.
8. It can help lower your stress levels.

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