Suffering From Acne? One Of These 7 Daily Items Could Be The Culprit

Suffering From Acne? One Of These 7 Daily Items Could Be The Culprit

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Acne is like a kryptonite on your otherwise gorgeous skin and we know you’ve tried a hundred different way to get rid of them. But did you know there are a few daily items that can cause or aggravate your pimples? Read on to know which ones.

1. Mobile Phones
We know you almost can’t live without your smartphone by your side, but you should know that a mobile phone probably carries more germs than your toilet seat as it carries the sweat from your hands as well as dust from around. So, keep the phone away from your cheeks and clean it with a fresh cloth often. It would be best to use earphones or a hands-free when talking for a long time.

2. Glasses
Your glasses and sunglasses are exposed to sweat, dust and sunlight all the time—and they’re in constant contact with your skin. So if you complain of pimples on your nose and eyebrows, it may be because you don’t keep your glasses clean. A great idea would be to use a sanitiser to clean your glasses and the frames regularly.

3. Old Makeup Brushes
We’ve already told you that old makeup can cause pimples and skin infections. But using old or unclean tools like brushes for applying makeup could also be the culprit. Change your brushes every eight to 12 months or clean them thoroughly before you use them.

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4. Hair And Hair Products
Your hair is the closest to your face and often flies over your forehead or cheeks, especially if you have bangs. Keep them away from your face as they carry plenty of dust and dandruff. And it’s not just the hair—some hair products may also irritate your skin and cause breakouts, so be careful while applying that they don’t come in contact with your skin.

5. Unhygienic Salon Products
If your beautician is using unclean products or excessive chemicals, you could end up with a reaction on your face. Ensure that she uses hygienic methods and clean tools at all times.

6. Pillow
A pillow is in constant contact with your face while you sleep and, even if you take care, you might end up rubbing your skin on the fabric of the pillow. So, always make sure it’s thoroughly clean as it might harm your skin and cause pimples.

7. Perfume
Your perfume may have some ingredients that irritate your skin. Even if it does not affect your body, the skin on the face is more sensitive, so it might cause breakouts near your chin or the side of your cheeks. It’s best to test the perfume near your neck before wearing it.

Now that you know, stay away from the items or keep them thoroughly clean to have a happy skin.

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